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1/19/11 11:22 A

I agree with the information that you have been given.

I love white potatoes and eat them all the time. With the skin

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1/19/11 11:15 A

Like most things, variety is best. White potatoes have more potassium, yellow/golden potatoes can have some calcium and caratoniods (?), red potatoes have more fiber (slightly) etc. They are all good for you.

To the extent you like it, by the way, teh skins of all potatos are just PACKED with stuff, so they are great to eat.

Yams and sweet potatoes are a very good sub for the "potato potatoes" in your diet when you can, cause they bring a more squash like combination to the game. more fiber, less carbs, etc.

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1/19/11 11:00 A

I love my potatoes, just don't eat them in the same amounts as before.. Everything in moderation, is okay..

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1/19/11 10:50 A

They are good for you :) Its good to have balance too, so cutting out a food that is natural is never good! Its a veggie so go for it!

....I think i am going to make one for dinner tonight!

1/19/11 10:25 A

Thanks for your response. I guess it was a misunderstanding on my part when it comes to "white" foods. I usually eat my potatoes with the skins on them for the nutritional value. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't putting more "crap" into my system then I already am, lol.

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1/19/11 10:20 A

Nothing in that list is bad for you!

You need sugar, fructose is sugar, but it comes from fruit. The body needs it for energy, especially after an intense workout, you need simple carbs, aka sugars.

White flour is not bad either, it is just less nutritious.

Too many ppl, yes including members on SP, play the role of Food Police. Not good and most of it is based on bias.

There are levels of nutrition, some things more nutritious than others, but no such thing as good vs bad.

As far as potatoes go, White potatoes are healthy. If you eat the skins, they are chalk full of fiber and protein. They even have a higher level of some vitamins and minerals when compared to sweet potatoes.

Don't let others or even yourself play into food phobias. If you like it, eat it. Practice moderation and just enjoy life.

I had a baked potato for dinner last night and it was soooo good!

1/19/11 9:48 A

Hello everyone, I know that white flour, sugar etc, etc, are bad for you. What about white potatoes? Are red or yellow ones better for you? Do white potatoes have the same affect as white flour and sugar?



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