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That depends on what you mean by cheating.

Eating leftovers isn't cheating. The key to healthy living is moderation! Are you tracking your food on he weekends? The problem is, if you eat too much on the weekend, you can undo the calorie deficit you created during the week.

You don't have to eschew good, homecooked meals on the weekend; the trick is you have to manage your portions properly and count the calories you do eat. I don't follow the SP meal plan, but I do track, weigh and measure everything I eat.

Don't consider the SP meal plan to be a restriction on what you can eat; it's just a helpful guide to finding balanced, healthy meals. If you want a banana, eat a banana! Just remember to appropriately track it in your nutrition tracker.

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1/6/13 10:45 A

Personally, I have never followed the SP food plan. I have always chosen the option to manually enter my own food when I was using SP to track food. (These days, I am paying to use WW. I got bored with calorie tracking and needed a change for awhile.)

So, I don't think you're sabotaging your new lifestyle. However, you do need to make sure you are staying within your calorie range if you aren't eating what's suggested. Eating too much of anything can be a huge detriment to your plan.

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1/6/13 10:33 A

if you make your own recipes, use [it can also be found under the healthy lifestyles tab] to figure out the nutrition info for the recipes. the idea of spark is to be in your ranges, not to eat exactly what is on the meal plans. so if you are in range, you're good.

spark's meal plans are constructed by computer. real people put the recipes and meals in and tag them,l but a computer randomly grabs recipes that are tagged as the options you want and fit into your given ranges. think of writing down meal plan options on little pieces of paper, folding them in half, then keeping them in a fishbowl. then when you wanted a meal, randomly grabbing one of those papers. that's what the computer does. it randomly grabs based on the calorie ranges you have and the specifics you said you wanted. i've gotten like 7 pbjs in one week before. i've gone weeks without seeing one in the tracker. so it's basically random that bananas haven't shown up. if you want to follow the meal plan but still have bananas you should be able to click on any fruit and banana should come up as a sub. or you could also just search "banana" at the top and add it to your day if you want one. as long as you are still within your ranges, you're good.

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1/6/13 10:23 A

My husband and I stick to the SP diet during the week for the 3 main meals. Saturday and Sunday we do not eat the SP plan. We will have leftovers from the week, which is good. But then other meals on the weekends are homecooked recipies which we don't have during the week. Are we sabatoging our diet by "cheating" every weekend?

Also, as a side note: I have never seen bananas on the SP menu. Is there a reason? I get a lot of muscle cramps in my legs and either eat bananas or take a postassium supplement.

Thanks to you all!

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