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7/28/13 1:52 P

This SP article on "what to eat after your workout" is really going to help answer your question:

You need carbs and some protein. Usually a protein shake is not the answer.

Also...what is your typical protein intake most days of the week? Are you eating within your SP protein range? IF so, you are meeting need. Extra protein from that shake is not necessary and only a source of calories.

Hope this helps
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7/28/13 1:47 P

Lifters don't have sole ownership of protein shakes. :) A protein shake is an easy way to refuel after a hard run, and there is no reason women can't have them. Women and men aren't that different, and for that matter, women should be lifting just as hard as the men!

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7/28/13 1:39 P

My roommate recently introduced me to protein shakes. She uses chocolate whey protein. The only thing I do for exercise is run. Are protein shakes good after a hard run? Or are they only used for lifting?

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