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12/16/12 1:22 P

I think it's safe to say that it's probably not dead on. I'm sure it's close, but every cook probably makes it a little different. They may use more or less eggs, veggies, etc., which alters the nutritional info.

I think the important thing to note here, is that perhaps it was the combination of foods that left you feeling more full/satisfied throughout the day. Think of what exactly you ate with those 390 calories. Now imagine 390 calories of broccoli. Now imagine 390 calories of spaghetti noodles. Now 390 calories of cheese. Different foods and different food combinations leave you feeling much more full than others.

Seeing as how this food combination was successful in curbing your hunger, maybe you could try to replicate that in the future. :)

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12/16/12 11:28 A


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12/14/12 4:39 P

calorie counts are allowed to be off by 20%. so it's in the company's best interest to be as close and accurate as possible in order to not be fined for providing misleading info.

and the reason that restaurants don't provide healthier food is that there isn't the demand for it. and no, you can't count the million or two people on spark clamoring for them, there are somewhere around 300 million in the us alone, and so you're not even looking at 1% of the population.

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12/14/12 12:09 P

It sort of makes sense of you think about it. In an ideal situation, the food would be prepared exactly the same way by the same person every single time. But in a restaurant, different people are preparing the food every day. One might add in some extra butter or a few extra shakes of salt, whereas someone else might add in less. Heck even when I make food at home it's not going to be the exact same calories every single time. All you can do is use the nutritional values as a guide, and just try to choose the best options for you and your plan.

I will say, it's not a restaurants job to make healthy food though. 50 years ago, eating out a restaurants was a special occasion thing, something to do every once in awhile. Nowadays people rely on them far too much (I have friends that eat out almost EVERY meal), that's why they get fat, not because the restaurants make unhealthy food.

12/14/12 11:02 A

Thank you for that link!!! I knew it haha emoticon
I guess that as long as I limit my going out to eat which i have and maybe add in a few calories onto whatever is listed online, I should be fine.
I was really really full which scared me. I think I also had a lot of protein and drank quite a bit of water but still felt really uneasy about the whole thing. I did not gain anything this morning so I am relieved.

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. If only restaurants were more honest and a lot healthier. It's frustrating that one meal at a restaurant or even just an appetizer can be more than my calories needed for the day. Let's not even mention the deserts. No wonder we gain weight.

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12/13/12 11:54 P

I think your concerns are valid Bright and share them. I try to order things as clean as possible and apply nutritional values I know to be true/universal (i.e. a hardboiled egg, steamed veggies, steamed/raw fish, raw fruit/veggies, mayo, olive oil).

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12/13/12 10:22 P

It is probably CLOSE to accurate.. give or take your could say. Perhaps you had more protein or fibre than you're accustomed to today, that could account for your feeling of fullness.

12/13/12 9:45 P

The reason I ask is I went to denny's and had a fit fare omelette which is 390 calories according to their online info.

However, I feel quite full and I usually don't after a 1200 some calorie day. I also worked out so I am usually hungrier.

I just worry that the omelette had more calories, that I have been tricked.
I am not used to feeling full and losing weight. I have always had a problem linking hunger to weight loss... Is that so weird? I guess time will tell.

But I was wondering if anyone knew how reliable nutrition facts online are?

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