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10/12/08 10:02 P

Agreed. But everything in moderation! I find that the frozen grapes can satisfy a sweet tooth really well.

10/12/08 9:39 P

Natural sugars from fruit beat refined sugars any day.

ANITA1956 Posts: 40
10/12/08 6:57 P

I wouldn't say grapes are bad for you but it's just good to remember that a good portion of their calories come from sugar. The good news is that they're high in vitamin C and K.

I freeze them whenever I find them on sale at the market. Freezing brings the natural sugars out even so more so they totally satisfy my sweet tooth and because they're frozen, it lasts longer.

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10/12/08 6:02 P

I think the most accurate way to know how many calories in them is to go by either the cup servings or by the weight. Grape sizes vary, so you can't always go by how many you had. If you don't have a way to weigh them, then go by if you had either 1/2 cup or a cup, etc, of them. At first it's a pain, but eventually you can guestimate how much is a cup when you grab some. They aren't bad for you, so no worries if you write in that you had a cup and a little bit over or a little bit under. It isn't going to hinder you.

SINGER73 Posts: 5,644
10/12/08 5:41 P

I can't imagine grapes being bad for you

BIENEGOLD Posts: 1,168
10/12/08 5:33 P

Fruit is always good!

NORWAYNANCY Posts: 1,566
10/12/08 4:52 P

I read on another post that grapes are about 3 calories apiece. emoticon

AASLP___ Posts: 9,650
10/12/08 4:48 P

There is a listing for grapes is in the nutrition tracker, but if you would like it to be more accurate you can weigh them.

10/12/08 4:42 P

They are my favorite and I eat them with a lot of my meals. Also, I don't know how to figure out how many calories are in them. There's a lot of different calories I've found when I look up like a cup of grapes. Any ideas?

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