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9/16/13 8:59 A

Yes, seeds and nuts are good for you, your heart and colon. Sunflower seeds help keep bad cholesterol down too! They contain magnesium which helps keep blood pressure down and there are benefits for diabetics too! Magnesium is good for the bones and those with arthritis as the oils are good oils that help cushion and keep our joints flexible. You can buy lightly salted versions and Trader Joe's has the "Raw" Version...which has no junk added to them.

Seeds are an easily digestible source of protein...maybe try Pepitas which are already shelled Pumpkin Seeds.

The Brand "Orale" can be found at Super Walmart they are natural hulled pumpkin seeds. Found by the Ethnic foods...Spanish section. They have no salt and taste yummy to me.

Adding either Sunflower or Pepita to a salad is a good way to get in a small portion. Enjoy!

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9/16/13 6:47 A

Ditto what Becky said. I buy plain unroasted unsalted sunflower seeds (same with pumpkin seeds). Even though they are a "healthy choice", it is very easy to overdo. And it's easy to see how they can take a "healthy choice" and turn it into something not-so-healthy, by roasting in oil and adding a lot of salt.

9/15/13 3:19 P

You must be purchasing a salted, roasted variety---since the label reports trans fat and sodium. You may be able to find a "healthier" variety.

It really comes down to portion control. It is easy to "over-do" the nuts, seeds, and peanuts.

I would suggest no more than 1 Tablespoon daily--think of these seeds as a garnish; not your go to for protein.

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9/15/13 2:23 P

It seems as if they are bad for you because they have 16g of fat, but 10g of that is polyunsaturated and 3.5 of that is monounsaturated... it does have .5g of trans and 2g of saturated.

I also am noticing that it has 220mg of sodium, which seems like a lot but I' not too sure on that.

I read that Sunflower Kernels are good for you AND that they are bad for you but which is it really?

Anyone got any ideas?

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