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9/27/13 12:58 P

If you're going to plant your own soy, make sure you buy the right variety for edamame. The edamame soybeans are not your typical soybeans. The soybeans used as edamame are varieties bred to be MUCH less bitter than those used for other purposes.

9/27/13 3:20 A

Well, they are green but I don't think beans are classified as vegetables. They are expensive to buy so I will try planting soy in the garden next year--Deo Voluntas.

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9/25/13 7:13 A

and if you go by the usda info you can count them as a protein or as a vegetable.

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9/25/13 7:03 A

you've gotten some interesting information.

As said, it depends on how your menu is put together (diabetic, or whatever).

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9/25/13 6:12 A

They're a legume, which can be counted as a serving of fruit/veg, but only once (so if you have edamame and lentils, they only count as one serving).

As a legume, edamame is a good source of fibre and protein.

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9/24/13 10:58 P

It really depends on your food plan. If you're following an exchange plan, especially for diabetes or other blood sugar issues, then 1 cup of edamame counts as 2 protein plus 1 starch.

However "The Simple Diet" allows and counts edamame as a fruit/vegetable (1/2 cup = 1 serving).

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9/24/13 10:11 P

I love Edamame. However, are they considered a green vegetable? Or a starchy vegetable? Do they count as a serving of daily fruits and vegetables? Or just as a carb?

Anyone know??

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