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DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
7/29/13 8:47 A

HIIT, by its very nature, should have you wiped out by the end of the session. The fact that you're asking if you should do it more often hints that maybe you're not doing HIIT, but simple interval training. Nothing wrong with that----I do intervals all the time. I only do HIIT once a week, and I always schedule a rest day the next day, because I need it.

Like the previous poster said, I'd shake things up by doing something completely different, like a class, trying a different machine, or playing a sport outside.

I don't see any mention of strength training at all....with all that cardio, where are you finding the time/energy to do it? I'd say kick out a couple of those steady state sessions out and do a full body routine twice a week. If you do a full-out HIIT session, you won't be able to do anything else afterward, so the strength training should probably be on a separate day in order to have the energy to do it properly.

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,457
7/29/13 4:49 A

I am assuming that you are running on the treadmill?

If you only do one form of exercise, you will end up with a fairly narrow base of fitness - in this case you wouldn't be doing much to build endurance. In terms of building a broader base of fitness, you probably want to keep your HIIT at 3 days per week, and try some different things on the other days. A tempo run might be one idea - basically about 30 mins fast, as well as a long slow run once a week or so.

Also, you may want to cross train with a different form of exercise entirely, whether cycling, the elliptical, an exercise DVD or whatever. Not only does 'different' give you a broader base of fitnes, but 'different' will probably also help with boredom.


AKDENIZ89 Posts: 89
7/29/13 3:38 A

I do HIIT thrice a week (you can see my current routine below for info). I also have 3 steady state cardio days. Compared to HIIT, steady state cardio gets way too boring. Also, I love-love-love the after-feel of HIIT. Would it be too much to have maybe 5 reps per session of HIIT, and have it 6 times a week? Does HIIT require certain rest periods between each session like ST?

Looking forward to your responses. Apologies in advance as this might be a very simple question for some of you!

- Warm up
- Low intensity interval: 6 kmph for 2 min
- High intensity interval: 12 kmph for 1 min
- Repeat 6 times
- Cool down

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