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1/16/12 1:00 P

Thanks for the insights. Yes, I am doing both PT and chiro. The chiro is great. She listens. Sort of makes up for the fact that the doctors don't. Not all docs are bad. They just aren't back specialists. They do general medicine. There job is to make sure you feel better, but they don't get to the root of the problem. That's not their thing. It's been a hard 6-8 mos. I got pneumonia last June that wiped me out. Then I suddenly had all these health problems like rashes around my eyes, hair loss, dizziness. I went to see my doc and begged her to do a Vit D test. She thought I was just depressed, but ordered the test anyway. It came back super low, an 11 (normal is 30-50). Needless to say, exercise hasn't been top on my list. I have felt so horrid since last June and I was just starting to feel better again after being on Vitamin D. (That Vitamin D deficiency knocks you on your butt.) Now I feel my levels are back up, but now my back goes out. It just sucks. I'm sort of glad it happened in the winter though because I don't feel as stuck inside. I'd be stuck in the house anyway because its cold and snowy here anyway. So getting to a chiro and a PT will be a good thing. I think my body is giving me signals and big ones that I need to change things and fast. One thing that I did do that has helped me tremendously is that I went on a gluten free diet. No more IBS symptoms, fatigue, brain fog. I was starting to feel pretty awesome and had a ton more energy being GF. Also, I read that having a Vit D deficiency might also be due to being allergic or intolerance to gluten or wheat and I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel being GF for almost 3 months now. Anyway, I guess all is not lost. I am learning about myself and what is healthy and what isn't. I know I need to take better care of me or my whole family suffers! Thanks everyone for the encouragement.

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1/16/12 12:45 P

Good luck with everything. I am 34 too and dread any sort of injury that would knock me out of commission, especially having kids. Hard to be happy when there is so little you can do. Moms don't get hurt nor do they stay hurt. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and no replay of this.

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1/16/12 11:41 A

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I am so sorry to hear about your back problems. I too wish you a very speedy recovery. I know things are difficult right now, but you will get through this.


If you need some inspiration, I recommend reading about the life of Bruce Lee. In 1970 he suffered a major back injury that left him in a back brace for six months. Long story short, he recovered from the injury with a lot of hard work and went on to film some of his most famous movies. He too was only in his 30s when it happened.

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I've had back problems from the time I was in my mid-20's. It is hard when you have one of these incidents but it can be managed. The PT will help a lot and if you follow their recommendations to strengthen your back you will have less problems going forward.

I used to have a major incident every couple of years. So I've been through this cycle a number of times.

I have also found that using a good chiropractor in conjunction with the PT gets me back on my feet and off the meds a little quicker.

Since I've put much more effort into working out and keeping my back strong I haven't had a major back incident in almost 5 years (knock on wood).

All Drs will put you on meds and bed rest for this. It isn't necessarily that they don't care to help you. It's just what they do. That is why I find chiropractic helps. It makes me feel that I'm doing something and I do find it gets me back to at least being able to function within a week.

Hang in there.

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1/16/12 1:41 A

My back went completely haywire several years ago. Didn't even know how it happened, just woke up with it. Anyway, I walked like a little old lady, taking each step very slowly and deliberately. I decided that I needed to move, so I charted a path in my own home and walked that path very, very slowly over and over each day. At the end of three and a half weeks I was back to normal.

It was very scary. I thought I would never be back to any kind of normal, but eventually it happened.

That's not to say that the regimen I used will help you, I'm just sharing what I did that resulted in a positive outcome.

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1/16/12 1:00 A

I am so, so sorry you are having to go through this. How did you put your back out?
I've put mine out (muscle spasm?), but I never had it looked at. Just did heat & ice, heat & ice, lie down w/ knees up, etc. At it's worst, I'd have to crawl to the bathroom, etc. Out of commission for a couple days and I thought that was awful. I can only imagine how it is for you!
Please don't give up hope. And do what you can to not let drs. ignore, disregard or shoo you away. Try another dr / facility if at all possible. Ask friends/acquaintances if they know of a good back dr.
You deserve to be treated well!
I will hold good thoughts for you. I hope the days get easier and wish you a quick as possible recovery.

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1/15/12 10:13 P

I'm so sorry! I've dealt with a back injury, and it does make everything more of a challenge. In addition, if you were exercising, and now you can't, that can cause you to feel depressed because of neurotransmitter changes. Just take it slow - it is hard to imagine when you are feeling the way you are, but you can get to a place with no pain. Hope you feel better soon.

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1/15/12 8:48 P

Sounds like you are having a very hard time; I'm sorry. Probably some of the meds you are on are depressants, which makes things even harder.

One thing you might look into, as a corollary to PT, is Alexander Technique. It's one-on-one lessons in which you learn how to use your whole body well--in motion, standing, sitting, the whole ball of wax. Dancers, musicians, athletes, actors (esp. in the UK) use it. I do, and it's great. Important to find a good, qualified teacher (they study for 3 years to become qualified). Anyway, it's another thing to consider.

I wish you well.

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1/15/12 8:41 P


I hope you have a speedy recovery! So sorry to hear all that you have gone through.

I wish you well!
Coach Nancy

1/15/12 8:00 P

I threw out my back on Jan 2nd. Ended up in the ER because I could not walk. Every movement was painful. Went back on the 3rd and got an MRI. They found a bulging disc and sent me home with too many meds (so many I was throwing up for 3 hours straight). It's been 2 weeks and my back still feels like crap. Some mornings I wake up and feel ok (not awesome, but I can get around). Other mornings I wake up and feel like I want to die. The kids miss their mom. I can't do anything laborious like laundry, vacuuming, ect. I can't lift for 4-6 months. I went to a chiro last week and they popped my pelvic and hips back into place after having kids (I've never been to a chiro before and that was a trip). I felt a little better. Still I can't do much of anything. I can't sit too long. I can't stand too long. I can walk, but only for short periods. Aquatics might be an option although getting my arse in a swimsuit is another story. I feel depressed that all I can do is lay here and be crabby. It's hard to go from doing so many things to not doing anything hardly at all. Driving hurts too. I just feel like a useless human being unable to get around. My hubs tells me it will get better, but all I've read online is how it takes a really long time to even get back to anywhere near normal and the new normal is that they still can't do anything. It's depressing. My Mom had Degenerative Disc disease and I guess I have it too now. I'm 34 and all I have to look forward to is pain. It just sucks the joy right out of everything. I start PT in a week and maybe that will help. Doctors don't care. They just shove me out the door with meds and get sick of me so I expect more of the same with the PT. Sigh. I wish I would have taken better care of myself. I wish I didn't have all these issues. I can only do what I can do. Today I feel terrible. Tomorrow is a new day.

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