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RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
5/21/13 9:59 A

emoticon I have started a walking group here at work with some of my co-workers. Because we work at a high school, we have a few nice areas to walk, whether it's the track or the hike to the adjacent park. If you have somewhere to walk at lunch, see if you can get a bunch of folks together to get out, chat and enjoy some fresh air. emoticon

KALLIE1958AR SparkPoints: (35,171)
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6/19/12 10:27 A

yes is a long journey one I plan to win ... I would love to have buddys who struggle like I do is hard im sure you know what I am talking about .... But all I have is time right now .... so I just try to learn new things to help me each day

FERRET-EYES SparkPoints: (24,907)
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6/19/12 10:01 A

oh wow! I just realized you ticker is amazing.
You have accomplished so much already!!
I didn't realize that you hadn't just joined.

FERRET-EYES SparkPoints: (24,907)
Fitness Minutes: (1,473)
Posts: 8,905
6/19/12 9:58 A

I suggest that you do a little bit of checking out some of the teams, you can even look for them by most recently created. Lurk around for a while, read posts and see where you might find a group that you like what they are doing.

Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect fit, and that's ok.
You want to find people who are actively working the program, or their program who you like.
then you can join that team.

After you get to know certain people, you might consider setting up a private team.
it has it's advantages the team can remain small, focused and you can perhaps discuss
things that are more difficult to discuss on the public boards.

(You know...those things within ourselves that got us to be over a hundred pounds overweight. That kind of stuff.)

Never too late to grab your health by the horns. You are going to feel so much better and
(the key for me) to live so much longer.

Welcome!! Ferret.

KALLIE1958AR SparkPoints: (35,171)
Fitness Minutes: (552)
Posts: 3,168
6/17/12 12:37 P

would love to find people to buddy with that have the same goals .. I am 418 and lossing lots of health issues but God and this site help me daily anyone have these goals feel free to add me as a friend

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