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ALICIAT32 Posts: 1,090
2/3/13 3:26 P

I tried WW and I lost some weight but I didn't feel good about the choices in food I made. I don't like having the option to eat "anything", cuz i will eat everything. even in small portions, i just don't feel like i'm eating healthy. Plus, SP is free and WW soo isn't. the meetings aren't that bad but the food is outrageous, plus the extra books and crap you have to buy is ridiculous! I'll stick with SP and try to take advantage of all the FREE benefits.

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2/3/13 2:38 P

I belonged to WW b/4 Sparks. I started WW at 183, lost about 30 lbs and stopped. I was advised that I had hit a plateau and I would start again. HA LOL! I never did. I am a vegetarian and was able to stay well within my daily points. When I found Spark and started tracking my food, I found I was living off carbs, basically no protein, fat or fiber. I now weigh 122 lbs and have held that weight for 64 weeks. I am able to do that because Spark tools have taught me how to balance meals and eat according to needs while understanding wants.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (214,247)
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2/3/13 2:13 P

I've belonged to WW off and on probably 10 times over the years. I always lost weight, never reached goal, and always regained the weight (or gained even more) every time I stopped going. All in all, I spent a lot of money at WW. SP is teaching me... for FREE... how to properly plan meals, shop, balance my protein, carbs and fats, and how much exercise I must do in order to lose weight. In addition, the SP teams and friends network gives me the support I need. I will never go back to WW, and expect to be a SP member for the rest of my life.

EWINSLO SparkPoints: (10,000)
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2/3/13 1:37 P

Like some people have mentioned on here already- I was successful when I first went on WW a few years ago. I found it to be a great atmosphere and so much fun. However life happened (I went to college) and I could no longer afford to go..
Fast forward to a few months ago, I tried it again. I started off doing wonderfully....but then I had 3 weeks of vacation that were disastrous to my diet (to make a long story short- I didn't want to tell my boyfriend that I was on WW.) When I came back into town I didn't want to go weigh in in at WW because I knew it was going to be TERRIBLE. I began skipping weeks and eventually gave up.

So anyway, the atmosphere is no longer right for me because I feel so much pressure when I am trying to meet others expectations. Instead now I use SP and meet once every 2 weeks with a dietician! This stresses me out MUCH less!

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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2/3/13 1:25 P

I lost a good deal of weight on their "Exchange Program" from the 80's and 90's. It is when they switched to the points and the points plus, that it didn't work for me any longer.

I still follow the Exchange Plan. Only I have switched the protein and carb numbers, so I eat less carbs and more protein. I have also tailored it to meet my needs since WLS with the help of my RD.

I think WW is a great program. I love the support the meetings offer and the nifty gizmos as well.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/3/13 10:22 A

WW is really a very basic diet. If you do the old points version, or even the original diet that had you count servings of each food category (and drink lots of water), it works just as well as the new points plus (which, as I have witnessed at meetings) does work well.

It's just the support - the access to face-to-face contact at meetings, with discussion, and organized talks about motivation - that makes WW useful to many people who already know how to count calories. The group leader is there to consult after the meeting if you have a problem with diet and weight loss. You can go to meetings all week if you want (I live in a big suburb and there are lots of meetings, all week). If the diet's not working for you, then you can find out why.

It wasn't working for me for a while (I was staying at the same weight and even gaining a little). I discussed this with a leader who suggested more protein (understood to be lean protein, because protein is calories!) This means less of something and more of something else - you have to figure it out (although menus are available, and there's plenty of help for that at the WW website.)

I was skeptical about the protein. But, hey, it worked. Lean protein.

Ask a leader after a meeting. Any leader.

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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/2/13 9:00 P

Well... I followed WW in 1999/2000, was a poster child for adhering to my daily Points and was very successful, dropping over 60#, 50 of which i kept off for the next seven years, despite giving up on meetings or even thinking about the program at all.

Welllll then, sometimes "life happens." Between 2008-2010, I gained it all back and more in rapid and dramatic fashion. I TRIED on a couple of occassions to get my act together, hauled out my old "Points Calculator" yada yada yada, but lost little-to-nothing for 6 weeks running, got discouraged, and softened the drop into my pit of self pity by cushioning it with a few pounds more. I don't know why it didn't "work" for me (or more to the point, why I wasn't able to work with it). Partly because i felt like SUCH a failure. Partly because I tried to "do it on my own" by following points but not attending meetings/using online resources. Partly because i knew the program well enough to know how to "cheat" the program.... and i did. And then i'd come out at the end of the day going OMG I ONLY HAD 27 POINTS A DAY MAXIMUM ALL MONTH AND LOST NOTHING.... welllllllllll. There might have been some fudging, low-end estimating, and "forgetting" of points here and there, as there's really no other explanation for a lack of weight loss while staying within my points range.

Anyways. I spent 2012 dredging my self esteem back up to a point where i could start legitimately working on mental prep and motivation to deal with this mess I got myself into. ... might even have dropped a few pounds while i was at it (though I didn't weigh myself at all that year, not once, so i'll never know!). I don't know just WHY i didn't rejoin WW... I just... well, i was still feeling the sting of the "WW failed attempts of 2010/2011" and felt like i needed to do something different this time, something that made me confront reality with just a little more accuracy, something i could do privately... i did some research on online food journals, and ended up coming here.

Maybe i was just "ready" and WW would have worked just as well? I don't know. But I'm doing GREAT simply journalling my food/following my SP-suggested calorie ranges. I am impressed by the online resources and support community, and "free" is a big seller too :)

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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2/2/13 4:01 P

WW does keep you in the diet mentality. Even if it's not a "true" diet (where you can't have this or that) it does tend to keep you thinking like it is. You're disconnected from the actual value of the foods you're eating.

But more than that, you are working out 5 days a week, and have only been at this 4 weeks. It can take as much as 6-8 weeks for healthy lifestyle changes to show up on the scale, especially when you add exercise to your program!

GLH1980 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/2/13 3:42 P

My first time on WW I was successful, but once they switched over to points plus I had a hard time with the program. I think SP is a much better way of life because it is a way of life and WW is more of a diet.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,787
2/2/13 1:38 P

I agree with the statement WW is a diet. I view my use of SP as a means to a new healthier life style and then chance to learn more about nutrition and my body.

I do believe my WW friends are often not eating enough.

SUSANBEAMON Posts: 11,787
2/2/13 12:50 P

haven't been to weight watchers for years. i lost when i was there, but i think that was mostly because for me it was a diet. so many things i couldn't have on the program, and what was allowed tasted nasty to me. spark people is much more balanced. plus i hated the meetings with the pressure of their scale. if it didn't drop each and every week, the meetings could be brutal.

MUSCATDBQ SparkPoints: (3,450)
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2/2/13 12:32 P

I've been "double tracking" between WW and SP for three weeks now, however, Im using SP's ranges as my standard. I'm convinced that WW would not be successful for me as I'm always left with TONS of unused points, even when eating at the top of my range. I'm generally 6-10 WW points under just for the day, not counting the activity points and weekly, while I know WW does work for some, I just can't bring myself to use it when SP is working and we're talking probsbly 600 calories a day more if I were to follow WW.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,918
2/2/13 10:35 A

When you track your calories on SP, how does that compare to your recommended calorie range? I've noticed some people who are very active tend not to eat enough (even though they are eating their recommended number of Points) when doing WW, which could explain your lack of weight loss.

Coach Jen

2/2/13 10:00 A

I have gone between WW and SP for years. I have always had success with whichever I was doing-until now. I have spent 4 weeks on WW, worked out 5 mornings a week and not lost anything. Last year I was successful losing 25 pounds. Now nothing.

Did anyone experience this before coming back to SP?? I'm feeling terribly dejected that I have not seen any results. I know what few other people who are also questioning the plan and wondering if anyone has any thoughts or feedback.

Thanks so much!

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