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4/6/13 7:12 P

I've been gluten-free for 15 years. No processed foods in my diet, and I don't bake much either to avoid the temptation. I was never tested. To this day, sometimes I meet obnoxious doctors who tell me that I'm not really celiac, just gluten-sensitive. I have nightmares that in 50 years I will be demented and in a nursing home, and they won't believe me. I may just start lying and say that I'm celiac, but after 15 years I hate to lie.

So if you think you want to be gluten-free, get tested for celiac first, so that you know. You may feel so much better without it that you never want to start eating gluten-again.

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4/6/13 12:03 P

No. Unless you have a medical condition the lack of gluten in your diet will not make you any 'healthier'. It's nothing more than a fad, just like the Raw Veganism.

My guess is that your sources are from places that advocate going gluten free, rather than actual non-biased sources.

Gluten is not bad for you unless you have an intolerance, and taking it out of your diet will provide no real benefit. It will simply be a pain in the butt as almost all the foods you eat have gluten in them.

Your probably just experiencing more energy because you are eating less chips and are trying to eat more healthier options. I strongly doubt its the lack of gluten making you feel more energized.

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4/6/13 10:49 A

I went GF in mid-January because I have some specific food allergies and oral allergy syndrome, and products with gluten typically contain other ingredients that I have to avoid anyway. Eliminating gluten was one of the best decisions I ever made. I feel so much better, my skin, hair, asthma and belly bloating are all improving, and my energy level has spiked.

I think it's worth a try for anyone who wants to explore it, whether you are celiac or not, intolerant or not, gluten sensitive or not. You can feed your body just as well or better by going GF, and in the proces you'll undoubtedly be eating healthier because you've eliminated processed products containing gluten.

I agree to not buy into the "gluten free" marketing on products as someone else has mentioned. Even though I'm GF, you won't find me in the Gluten Free section at a market unless I need a specific item for cooking, or an occasional brown rice pasta.

Good luck as you continue. I found it overwhelming in the first few days, but then I realized it was so much easier and freeing for me to eat this way. I'm slowly moving my family toward a lifestyle that includes far less gluten as well.

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4/6/13 6:11 A

I've been making many more gluten free items since my hubby started going to school, because he likes to take things to share with his classmates. Two or three of them are diagnosed, while a couple others suspect, and are waiting for the diagnosis.

I think the main thing about it is that you are consciously choosing more wholesome foods. So, while you may not be celiac or gluten intolerant, choosing foods without a lot of additives will definitely make you feel better.

Just my take on it, because I see even the pre-made gluten free stuff is full of things I don't want to put in my body (chemicals, preservatives, etc.), so even when recipes are GF; that does not necessarily make them healthy - you still have to be careful what you're making, and that the nutrition requirement is balanced.

ETA: a few have pretty much said what I did, in possibly more clearer terms. elimination of highly processed foods, and getting back to a more "natural' menu is always good, regardless of whether it contains gluten

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4/6/13 5:31 A

I feel much better since transitioning to GF.

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4/6/13 3:43 A

Our family participated in an elimination diet to check for allergies and sensitivities to foods. We already knew that my wife is gluten intolerant (not celiac, but immediately gets bloated, gas, stomach pain, and exhausted for a day or 2 after eating gluten).

As for the elimination diet, it was as I suspected. I can (and do ) eat everything. Nothing bothers me. I am not gluten intolerant so for the most part I am GF (gluten free) just to support my wife. I did find that I because I wasn't wasting calories on bread products, it felt like I could eat more, and because I was GF, it was easier to say no to certain food temptations.

Oh yah. Since my wife went GF, she dropped 15 pounds without even trying. Me? I had to work at it, but I lost weight easier as well.

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4/6/13 12:08 A

I didn't mean to go gluten free, but in cleaning up my diet I eliminated a lot of processed foods. There's not a lot of unprocessed foods that contain gluten. I know many people who have latched on to gluten free but they buy gluten free bread that is loaded with chemicals, gluten free cookies that are packed with sugar, and GMO gluten free corn pasta. They think they are being super healthy but I silently disagree. Being gluten free is great but if you are doing it to be healthy, please please please read the ingredients!! The ingredient list is the most important (and telling) part of the package.

And to get to the point, yes I feel better eating closer to what nature intended. When I visit my family and eat a bunch of junk, I just feel really crappy for a few days afterward. Almost like I have poisonous snakes in my intestines. Now I admit I am "fussy" and make sure I bring my own food.

4/5/13 11:22 P

I have been completely gluten free since November. I was not tested for celiac but according to my doctor I have a gluten sensitivity based on the fact that I get dry, itchy skin, swollen finger joints, gas and painful bloating from foods containing gluten. My skin is better, still not great, but my swelling, gas and bloating are completely 100% gone.

I used to have a heck of a time getting my rings off but now they come off with ease and I have not lost any weight so it's just that the swelling is down. My mom is arthritic and she is in constant pain so anything that rids my body of swelling is a good thing, IMO.

I replaced gluten containing starches with whole foods like sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes and apples. I try and eat at least 3 x 1 cup servings of green beans, broccoli or salad every day. I make treats like chocolate beetroot brownies using a little brown rice flour for myself and the family. So tasty and really good for you too!

I feel great and I have tons of energy.

I really believe in listening to and trusting your body. It will tell you when you eat something you shouldn't. Like this week I picked up my maple syrup for the year, I use it in baking as sweetener. I decided I would make pancakes for lunch, bad idea. GF pancakes with maple syrup made my blood sugar sky rocket and crash, I was grumpy and starving 2 hours later and it was a good reminder why I aim for a low glycemic diet. My body was telling me I can't eat "meals" like that. I need protein, fat and low glycemic carbs at every meal.

Sure cutting out gluten isn't easy or necessary for everyone. But what's the worst that can happen, you realize it's not causing you a problem and you start eating it again? The best thing that can happen, you realize it is a problem and you improve your diet by eating more fresh whole vegetables and fruits.

YOGINILMT Posts: 309
4/5/13 7:24 P

My husband has celiacs, so when we started living together we needed to make a completely gluten free kitchen with absolutely no contimination. This means i went glutenfree, too.
I still keep some bread frozen for myself and my daughter, and occasionally get something gluteny when i go out, but for the most part, i'm gluten free.

I haven't noticed a huge difference, but my poop is less smelly! Lol
So that's something!

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4/5/13 3:27 P

I have been gluten free for just over a month - I've recently slipped up and paid the cost, but overall I find it an easy lifestyle. Aside from when my boyfriend is eating all the Girl Guide cookies...

My advice, don't try to replace gluten with gluten-free option (breads, muffins, etc) but rather evolve your diet to work without them. And get your carb fill on awesome things like yams!

I am also not diagosed, but it does make me feel worlds better. I've dealt with nausea, and a wonderful array of digestive issues which has mostly disappeared with the absence of gluten.

4/5/13 1:26 P

For those without a diagnosis for a medical condition that requirers going gluten free---the positive result of weight loss, increased energy, etc; is most often related to the overall health improvement in one's diet. It is not necessarily the removal of gluten rather it its the removal of those highly refined, overly processed wheat products: chips, snack crackers, cookies, pastries, snack cakes, refined pastas, pizza crusts, refined bread/rolls, etc.

SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Becky

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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4/5/13 1:16 P

Have you talked about this with your doctor? Most people do not, in fact, need to eliminate foods from their diets to be healthy and lose weight. Gluten free is a viable option for those with gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, but most of us don't need to. It can be a difficult and expensive lifestyle.

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4/5/13 12:00 P

I started gluten free two days ago. After reading many articles and experiencing negative symptoms with my body..I decided I needed "something" to change. By exploring I have come up with menu's that suit me..(Spark has oodles of gluten free the internet is packed as well.)
Let me know what you are seeing in your body as you go gluten free..
Just after two days..I am experiencing more energy. Exciting.

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