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1/12/14 5:17 P

Good question, Eelpie, and bravo for figuring that out! That's one of my tough ones so yes, I do track it. I'm generally toward the top of the range but within it. I avoid processed foods but I like cottage cheese for breakfast, and that's got a lot of sodium. I also travel a lot on business which means a lot of restaurant meals.

I'm recently menopausal so I know that can be making it tougher, but I've been fighting this battle for a long, long time. And theoretically, the calories in/calories out equation should still hold true.

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1/12/14 5:06 P

Do you track sodium? I ask because I've found that the older I get, the more I hold onto water due to sodium like a mad woman. I've also been finding it to be true in baked goods (high sugar) foods now as well.

I drink 8 glasses of water and 4 cups of tea a day. One high sodium day, and I can pack on 4 pounds of water, and if I don't increase my water and reduce the sodium...that will stay on the scale. :(

1/12/14 4:52 P

Thank you both for your thoughtful and considerate answers.

You're absolutely right that I don't need someone to teach me the difference between good and bad carbs, or tell me to stay away from nachos. I haven't bothered with Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem or any of those because I don't need to be told what and how much to eat. What I was hoping for was someone who had the expertise to look at what I'm doing and figure out why it's not working, and then figure out what will. At a half pound to a pound a week it's not exactly promising miracles, but as you suggest that really just makes it more credible.

AzulVioleta, it's been a while since I had a thyroid panel or anything like that but no one has found any abnormality.

Anarie, I lost the six pounds during September and October. In early November I dropped gluten from my diet (a la Wheat Belly.) Three pounds came back on that week; I gave that experiment three weeks and went back to my usual whole grains. That held till late December, and on came three more pounds over the course of a couple of weeks. Like most of us I can admit to being a bit more lax over the holidays, but I still monitored my food intake and used my BodyMedia armband to track the calories out. I'm completely certain there's nothing in those numbers to justify that big a gain in such a short time. And since the first of the year I'm back to my usual 200-700 per day calorie deficit, with most days at 500 or so. No improvement.

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1/11/14 10:21 P

It's SparkPeople plus Skype conferences, basically. I think it would probably be excellent for people who don't know anything about nutrition or weight loss and want to pay for someone else to guide them rather than take the time to learn all the info themselves. If you have lots of money and self discipline but very little time, it would be a perfectly sensible option.

But it doesn't really sound like that's the case for you. If you really have been keeping your calories in range and exercising, consistently, then I don't know how this will help you. They're just going to tell you to do what you already have been doing. And notice that their average client loses half a pound a week. You were losing more than that on your own.

Tell us a little more about what's happening with you. You said you lost 6 pounds in 2 months but they came right back. Do you mean that literally? Did you drop 6, then have them come back in the space of a week, just now?

Because if that's what happened, there might not be a problem. A woman's weight fluctuates with her hormonal cycle. Do you happen to have weight measurements from exactly 28 and/or 56 days ago? You might be able to see a pattern if you look at your weight at specific points in your personal month. It's not at all unusual for a woman's weight to jump 2-7 pounds, then drop rapidly over the next two weeks, level out, and then jump again. It's frustrating, but we can't judge the success of a weight control program until we've been on it CONSISTENTLY for at least 56 days, and 84 is better.

You're the only one who knows how you feel about paying for something versus doing it yourself. It's your choice, and you should do what feels right to you without worrying about what anyone else thinks.

Just do be aware of the program's data. It's not a miracle cure and doesn't pretend to be. Their average client loses 19 pounds at a rate of 1/2 lb per month. That means losing 19 lbs on the cheapest plan will cost you over $1300, and it will be around $2700 for the most expensive. It doesn't look like it's a scam, though, because they're not promising ridiculous things; they say you'll lose at a perfectly reasonable rate, the way most people do if they stick to a reasonable program. They just lead you through that reasonable program. You're the only one who can decide if that's what you need and if it's worth the price.

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1/11/14 8:08 P

I don't have any experience with it, but from the website it looks like a more personalized version of Weight Watchers.

I think that you can find connection and accountability here if you look for it. I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time.

Taking a quick look at your SparkPage...I wonder if you might have medical issues. Have you been thoroughly evaluated by your doctor?

1/10/14 9:18 P

I just received a promotion for this:

Is anyone familiar with it? Yes, I know it's pricey, but I'm at a loss.

Please don't post about following the SP plan, or 5/2, or wheat free. I've tried them recently, and failed with Atkins in the past. I'm already eating healthy, exercising, keeping my calories in a range, but the 6 pounds I fought for two months to lose have come right back on!

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