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5/26/11 10:11 A

since i started to walk in the morning (60 minutes ) + 30 minutes curves and then walk at night (from 20-60 minutes) it seems that it will e easier to lose weight!

walking once a day + curves seemed to be enough to mantain the weight

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5/26/11 10:11 A

how did u lost this much. help me i need to loose 25 .

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5/26/11 10:00 A

I want to loose 25 pound. walking 2 times a day will help . what do u think? need some motivation very hard to drink water

LUCKYCOMET SparkPoints: (265,698)
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5/5/11 2:17 A

i have and kept it off.

ANINHA12 SparkPoints: (9,879)
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5/5/11 2:10 A

I´ve been a yo-yo dieter, so yes,... many times. if you don´t usually eat healthy stuff, only by changing your habbits and exercising you can lose a couple of pounds the first week. so if you are starting to lose weight now and you choose to go on a very restrictive diet and exercise a whole lot you can lose more than that!!! but sp would recommend that you dont lose more than 14 pounds in 6 weeks or so...

CLARKIE908 SparkPoints: (0)
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5/4/11 3:35 P

No. I can see losing 15 lbs. in that amount of time, but 20 seems a tad bit unhealthy.

SADALTON13 Posts: 1,176
5/4/11 3:12 P

When I get on track and stay on track it is very possible to do that if you are 40lbs or more overweight.
I have done it twice but I didn't budge and everything in my life was steady. I had time to cook good things and hours to exercise everyday (or ride horses). But if you don't have much to lose then it isn't wise.
Granted you should platue after this some...

LAMARY9 Posts: 1,698
5/4/11 2:53 P

I came close with WW 6 years ago but took me eight weeks for 26 pounds.

SPARKLE_SHINE66 Posts: 377
8/22/10 5:28 P

All great comments!

JRSTERP Posts: 383
8/21/10 9:12 P

I've heard that losing 2-3 pounds per week is okay, but any more than that is not advised for a healthy weight loss. So, if you can manage 3 pounds per week for 6 weeks, you could lose 18 pounds. But, I haven't had that type of weight loss. It took me 4 months to lose 25 and only a couple weeks to gain 5 back ROFL

Good Luck

KAILIIA SparkPoints: (77,182)
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8/21/10 8:30 P

Only when first starting out - after a couple weeks the body starts to adjust to the healthier food and activity and while I am still loosing it is definitely a slower rate.

On the plus side, you can look like you've lost 20lbs by eating well and being active (which will help you to loose some any way) but is has the side effect of helping you to be more confident. Drink lots of water and ditch the soda and you'll loose bloat, and if you stand/sit up straight you almost automatically look 5lbs lighter... keep with it and use a couple "tricks" til you get there.

DANCEJONES Posts: 2,353
8/21/10 7:59 P

I lost 26 pounds in five weeks on the Michael Thurmond Six Week Body Makeover. The diet definitely works, but it was so restrictive that when I took a break from it, I went crazy and gained back everything I had lost and then some.

MCATHY57 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/21/10 7:21 P

When I weigh in on Monday it will be the beginning of my 7th week. If all goes well like I think I should hit 19 pounds for a loss...I hope 20 but not sure. How? Tracking my food...everything that I have eaten, drinking lots of water and walking. I just did 2 miles today. Its a slow start but we are trying to change a lifestyle...right!

You can do won't come off fast but it will come off! emoticon

IOWEIT2ME Posts: 1,131
8/21/10 7:16 P

I wish ... that would be nice

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
8/21/10 7:00 P

I did it in one day...with prescription diuretics. I retain water really badly without them.

NENESMOM Posts: 1,704
8/21/10 6:38 P

i did it but it cost me $1,000. I went to a center for medical weight loss. They had me on shakes and nutrition bars.

CMKACK1211 Posts: 113
8/21/10 6:33 P

I've lost that amount in a week due to being severly is the only time I have taken off weight quickly, and obvioulsy I wasn't healthy and it wasn't a healthy way to lose it. Once I was able to get out of the hospital and eat I gained it all back.

SKERTSO Posts: 5,038
8/21/10 5:08 P

no I never have

HORSIFIED1 Posts: 659
8/21/10 4:07 P

I lost 20+ pounds in 6 weeks, but I also weighed 285 pounds to begin with. I did it by eating healthy and walking and riding my bike daily. It is not as easy for a person of your weight to drop that kind of weight in a short amount of time. You can try by eating healthy and exercising, but don't be discouraged if you do not lose it that quickly. It is a pretty lofty goal for someone of your size.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,276
8/21/10 3:32 P

the best way to start is to be larger to begin with. for someone who is 250lbs, that sort of a goal is possible. if you only weigh 125lbs, it's pretty unrealistic. and you also have to make that relative to your size. there are people who are perfectly healthy at many different weights based on their height and frame and bodyfat. and if you are already pretty close to healthy and already have a low bodyfat percentage, you're going to have a much harder time taking off those 20lbs.

it also depends on what you were eating before. if you were eating family sized bags of chips a day and twinkies and every other junk food you could buy, by cutting out those things you could lose quite a bit of water weight [sodium and carbs make your body retain water, if you aren't consuming as much of them anymore, your body will be holding on to less water. and water is pretty darn heavy. ]. if you were eating healthy food, just way too much of it, you're not going to see those sorts of changes.

JAREJIL SparkPoints: (41,478)
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Posts: 1,268
8/21/10 2:19 P

I lost 30 pounds in 30 days when I was 40 years old. I walked (fast) for 45 minutes in the morning, and 45 minutes at night.... I walked 22 minutes away from my house, and then backtracked...... I also ate 6 meals a day, and did not eat after 7 pm at night. I ate Oatmeal for breakfast with blueberries and fat free milk, 15 almonds and 15 grapes for a snack 2 times a day, for lunch and dinner I had a tunafish sandwich on whole wheat bread with spinach and tomato salad with 2 tablespoons of olive oil based italion dressing. Every third day I ate a 4 oz steak instead of the sandwich, and always drank 12 oz of cold water twenty minutes before each meal/snack........ I wish I had the willpower to pull something like that off again!!!

JULESJ1OK Posts: 1,355
8/21/10 2:01 P

I did! I just cut out things in my diet that were not necessary for good health and exercised pills, no surgery just pure determination! And I am feeling so much better. I am keeping this going until I reach my goal. Just simply cutting out the extra calories and fat, like if you have a sandwich for example, have mustard instead of mayo, and no cheese. And portion control is really important. It helped me too to drink a full glass of water or unsweetened tea before a meal, it helps you to feel fuller on less. emoticon

SUZIEGREY Posts: 478
8/21/10 9:12 A

I did with an expensive meal replacement programme. Trouble was, as soon as I started eating normally I put most of it straight back on, so it was a waste of money as I'd learnt nothing.

CK1379 Posts: 557
8/21/10 8:28 A

I lost 18 pounds in 6 wks. by staying within my nutrition goal recomended by SP and riding bike daily.

HAKIRBY Posts: 375
8/21/10 8:19 A

I did it through portion control and 20lb just flew off over the next 6 weeks. It was unintentional. Also as the wieght came down I was able to up my exercise.

It isn't something I'd recommend people try. If you do though, watch your nutrition like a hawk, make sure you're getting the right nutrients in the right amounts (don't starve yourself or do anything faddy) and lots of cardio

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
8/20/10 9:54 P

Don't learn anything much from doing it fast like this except getting tired of your food.. I have done weight watchers- and they recommend slowly too..
I have kept my maintenance weight 3 years now I know how to eat, never been back..
Have a new respect for my body, what I eat and it ain't about doing the lastest fad challenge either..
"LIFE" style change points to the realities your changing for life.. Many people miss this fact totally..
The kitchen is my best total against boredom, slow weight loss has been my greatest tool against saggy skin and my exercise is like my oldest best friend I enjoy returning too..

8/20/10 9:40 P

I lost 15lbs in a day!!!! Not on purpose though the first day I bought my scale and stepped on it I weighed 215lbs emoticon
The next day I drank at least 8 cups of water and ate 1200 calories and worked out for only 30 mins and took a ten minute walk. That night I stepped on the scale I weighed 200lbs!!!! The next few days I did the same and after 3 days I lost 10 more pounds and was down to 190!!!! I have been weighing that now for 6 months until I rejoined SP about 2 or 3 weeks ago and have lost another 5lbs since then....
Don't know what i'm doing right but i'm loving it!!!!

8/20/10 9:07 P

I did it by following weight watchers and exercising daily.

PEPE865 Posts: 521
8/20/10 8:57 P

I've done it with fad diets and pills but I don't recommend it. And I now have to lose double of what I did then. Not exactly a testimony to the effectiveness of it. Go slow, learn from it and never have to do it again.

8/20/10 7:23 P

It's rather extreme but doable I suppose. For people who have a lot of weight to lose they seem to shed it a lot faster than those that are closer to their goal weight( that's what i've noticed anyway) You have to be really, really be strict with what you eat, exercise and drink plenty of water.

LULUPOO Posts: 287
8/20/10 7:20 P


SPMOM2 Posts: 5,754
8/20/10 7:12 P

It's doable, you just have to stay focus and watch what you eat and exercise.

EMRANA Posts: 655
8/20/10 6:55 P

I don't remember my exact pace but I did lose around 15 pounds in my first 6 weeks here. I followed my SP nutrition ranges exactly and tracked everything I ate. I cannot use the fitness component because I am disabled. My Spark goal is to go from 296 to 150 pounds by December 31, 2011.

The biggest reason my weight loss number has been what it is though is that my starting weight is so high. I've been on Spark since May 12, 2010. I've lost 30 pounds. You have to keep in mind though, that I started at 296 pounds. As a percentage of my body weight, 30 pounds is 10%. If my starting weight was 180 pounds, I'd have lost 18 pounds, not 30.

It's all about sticking to the SP ranges. I don't relax on the weekends and change what I eat. I eat the same foods because I am changing my lifestyle. I don't drink alcohol, don't have a sweet tooth, and I make better food choices now than I used to.

My ranges just got slightly decreased because of my 30 pound loss, so I'm at 1270-1620 calories. Keep in mind that is because I have to tell SP that I burn 0 calories a week due to my disability. Most folks here can get more calories since they can enter a number for calories burned through fitness.

This really is the best program out there. Work it and be patient and the results will come. emoticon

SLENDER2B Posts: 474
8/20/10 4:51 P

I lost 18 pounds in one month following a major injury. I don't recommend it.

8/20/10 4:31 P

I have to add that it seems the more oxygen intake you get into you the better it is. I tend to lose more weight with walking outdoors, on roads, and up and down hills, plus with zumba than with other exercises I've tried.

LUCYMAVIS1 Posts: 250
8/20/10 3:14 P

I actually lost 20 pounds since July 12, 2010. I can't honestly tell you how. I'm walking every single day, but I've had good eating days and not so good ones. I'm just hoping that this rate of loss keeps up for a while emoticon

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,759)
Fitness Minutes: (296,973)
Posts: 27,216
8/20/10 2:56 P

It's not impossible, but you don't get to decide how much of the weight you lose will be fat, muscle and water. Your body (genetics) decides that. Now, if want to minimize loss of muscle, you'll need to strength train.

The problem is that if you're eating at a deficit to lose weight, you won't pack on lean muscle. Which is what you'd want to do. Adding more lean muscle will help your body to become more efficient at burning fat. In short, the more lean muscle you carry, the more fat you burn.

When you lose "weight" without strength training, some of the weight you lose will be muscle. So, if you do some strength training, you will minimize that muscle loss. You won't gain muscle because you won't be eating enough, but you'll lose less.

That's the trade off when some loses weight i.e. part of that loss will be muscle. Which is a bad thing because lean muscle is what burns fat.

Can you lose 15 pounds in six weeks ? it's not impossible, BUT it means your nutrition will have to be absolutely SPOTLESS. No treats. No slip ups. No weekend drinking with the friends.

Of course, even if you did it spotlessly and got some regular exercise, there really is no guarantee that you'd lose the 15. You're really not overweight. You're pretty close to a normal weight range. The closer a person is to a normal weight, the harder it's going to be to lose any excess. So, you might not be able to lose 15 pounds in six weeks. You might lose 10.

Would you consider it a failure if you lost 10 pounds in six weeks ? It shouldn't.

Why the rush to lose ? Do keep in mind that you didn't pack on the weight overnight, it's not coming off overnight.

Also, one other point... loose skin. Yes, if you lose 15 pounds in six weeks, you will have some loose skin. Which is the reason many people are cautioned to lose the weight slowly. the slower you take off the weight, the better the chances are your skin pops back.

One last point, you're assuming you get to choose where the weight comes off in the next six weeks. You can't spot reduce. Genetics determines where the weight comes off first. Ask anyone here who was hoping to take it off their tummy and hips only to see their boobs go.

I won't say your quest is impossible, but you really should be practical with your goals.

8/20/10 2:54 P

Yes, I lost fifteen in six weeks.
I follow the My Nutrition tracker carefully for calories, carbs, protein, fat and fiber.
I also exercised 90 minutes a day to burn 649 calories, at least. Seven days a week.
Made sure I got more than eight cups of water a day.
Made sure I got enough sleep.

MAIDAVALE13 Posts: 69
8/20/10 2:41 P

I lost approx. 20 lbs. within six weeks or so when I first started my weight loss journey, at a rate of about 2-3 lbs. per week. Granted, it was unintentional that I lost that much, but after years of not eating healthy or exercising, it sort of happened. I started counting calories, being mindful of where those calories came from, and power-walking every other day. Possible, yes, but not really advisable. Talk to your doctor about how much weight is safe for you to lose per week, they'll be able to give you the very best answer for you. :) Good luck!

SPARKLE_SHINE66 Posts: 377
8/20/10 2:36 P

Anyone ever lose 15 - 20 lbs. in 6 weeks? How did you do it? I think it may be too much too fast, but have seen other members do it. What do you think?

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