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10/24/13 9:23 P

I'm in the process of transitioning, but we do have an Optifast Spark Team with people at all different points. You should come on over and check it out.


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10/24/13 5:33 P

I know it's been a few months since you were posting, but if you are still around and looking for support, I'd love to join you. I'm 4 full weeks into Optifast. While it's going well, I am always looking for others to share the experience with. My weekly group is great - but sometimes I'd like something during the week too.

9/8/13 5:00 P

I will say that optifast has changed and matured over the years. My mom did it when I was in middle school. There is now a very strong focus on the total person. As I said I am required to do one on one wirh a therapist as well as a nutritionist and there are group classes. I know this wasn't always the case with optifast but it is now. They check on how I am doing and my activity level. I spent a good portion of my last session going over my workouts with the staff. That being said you get out if a program what you put in. If someone isn't really listening to what the docs are trying to teach, they will fail on their own.

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9/8/13 4:42 P

Let's see, of all my many diet attempts, when was the Opti-Fast one? Years ago, when I first topped 200 lbs, I think. I lost a chunk of weight and gained it all back plus when I went off the program. In my opinion it is not a wise choice. I was thinking weight loss, not fitness, so of course the results were not sustainable. For folks who want to jumpstart their weightloss the Fast Break info on Spark is more realistic.

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9/8/13 1:14 P

Thank you, Kim. I appreciate your response. I do have some online support and the frustrating thing is that other than what I currently eat, what I'm doing is no different then SparkPeople and, eventually, the food I eat won't be that different either. It's why I'm here.

There was a spark team for optifast, but the only co-leader mentioned on the team site no longer has an account. There are still 243 members listed, but the messages are few and far between. The reason behind my post here was to see if there were others like me that found that and wondered where everyone had gone. I'm trying posting some messages to see what kind of response I get, but we still wouldn't have leadership rights so I may end up starting a new team.

Good luck to you with nutrisystem.

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9/8/13 12:51 P

Hi Fannish,

Like you, I am on a weight loss journey that a lot of people on sparks does not or will not understand. I am on Nutrisystem, and I am much happier and seeing the results I wasn't getting on my own. There are some people on here that will support you on your journey, they are just harder to find here.

Does optifast have any online support? If not you can try the nutrisystem forums.

I wish you great success on your journey.


9/8/13 12:26 P

You may not have felt that you were lecturing or saying that I was doing it wrong since you used "in general", but when you start off by saying that the site doesn't support this type of diet and how basically people who do this are going to fail and gain it back, it comes off as a lecture.

The reason I posted on the general nutrition board looking to see if there was anyone else on Optifast was because I was hoping that by posting on the main board, I might find some others who either a) hadn't found the Optifast Team or like myself b) found it but were disheartened because it is so quiet.

I am quite aware this is not an optifast site. That is, I thought, part of what I was saying in my response. The purpose of Optifast is to help get you ready for the same kind of sustainable lifestyle that we all should be moving toward. It is like taking someone completely out of what they do day in and day out to break the habit and then slowly introducing new and better habits. During this intensive phase is when those of us on Optifast are supposed to be looking at nutrition and fitness information and finding ways to incorporate that knowledge into our lives.

I'm sorry you feel you can't support that, but I wasn't trying to convert anyone or even to promote it. I was just looking to see if there was anyone else quietly lurking on the sidelines.

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9/8/13 11:34 A

I didn't lecture you or tell you that you were doing it wrong. Simply letting you know why you're not finding a lot of people here to support it. I'm not saying they're not here, just that Sparkpeople's general philosophy isn't necessarily compatible with this kind of diet.

3-4 lbs per week IS fast weight loss; faster than generally recommended for most people. (1-2 lbs per week.) I'm not saying that's not okay for you. I'm simply providing general feedback, not telling you what you need to be doing (or not doing) because I know nothing about you nor your situation. If you're under a doctor's monitoring, then that's perfectly fine.

Sadly, I don't like the idea that you need to have a "boost", a "jump start" or a "quick start" to succeed. It's the diet mentality. Sparkpeople has teams for special-interest groups. This is the general nutrition board, where you will receive general nutrition advice based on Sparkpeople's program recommendations. I'm sorry that's not what you're looking for, but this isn't an Optifast support site, it's a Sparkpeople support site.

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9/8/13 10:57 A

I posted this because I was hoping to find other people in situations like mine. My doc is a firm believer in finding online support for nutrition and fitness. I was not looking to get a lecture or to be told I'm doing it wrong.

Choosing to go with Optifast was the recommendation of two endocrinologists and a nutritionist because I have PCOS and it is very hard for me to loose weight. With this plan, I can loose enough weight to a) make the exercise easier for me to do and maintain and b) get my hormones back to where they are supposed to be.

Also, I certainly wouldn't call Optifast a "get-thin-quick" diet. As my endocrinologist describes it, "Weight loss is like an accordion rather than stairs. Some weeks you may loose a lot and others hardly any." I will admit that so far it has been faster than regular diet and exercise, but it isn't as fast as some think. I'm averaging between 3 and 4 pounds a week. Sometimes high, sometimes low. It isn't just replacing your food with shakes either. I have to put in my cardio and eat my 5 servings of vegetables and my 2 servings of fruit.

Optifast is not recommended if you are just trying to lose a few pounds. It is for when you have a Lot to lose. The purpose of Optifast is to give you a bit of a boost at the start to help you continue with your weight loss as you move forward. It helps you to have that initial success to keep you motivated and to help you get to a point where exercise is more feasible. What I am doing is the true Optifast method. I am in the doc's office every week. I see on a rotating basis an endocrinologist, a therapist, and a nutritionist. I have blood drawn at regular intervals. I go to group classes on stress, fitness, nutrition and other weight topics. Are there people who fall after stopping the meal replacement portion? Sure, just as there are people who fall from their plans of eating right and not drinking soda. If you follow what your optifast clinic sets out for you (12 weeks on the intensive phase, 6 weeks of transition, followed by long term weight management), it isn't setting you up to fail but to get you to a point where you have sustainable lifestyle changes.

If someone is doing extremely low calorie or doing meal replacements without a doctor's monitoring, then it isn't Optifast.

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9/8/13 10:21 A

In general, Sparkpeople doesn't support this style of diet. Very low calorie diets give you fast weight loss in the beginning, but don't teach you the skills needed to maintain that weight, and majority of people who do it tend to gain the weight back (and then some) when they return to eating a normal diet. In general, those who post raving about it post once or twice with excited results in the first weeks, then disappear when those results don't continue or they can't keep it up.

Sparkpeople supports healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes that are maintainable for life... not get-thin-quick diets and pills. At the very least, I do hope you are under close monitoring by a physician, as under-1200-calorie diets can be dangerous.

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9/8/13 6:24 A


Bueller? Bueller?


9/7/13 11:35 A

I just started my 6th week on an optifast varient where I do 5 of the optifast 800 meal replacements (160 calories each) with 5 servings of veggies and 2 servings of fruit. I was wondering if anyone else was doing optifast on here as the Optifast Team is pretty quiet.

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