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4/24/13 1:45 P

When I go to the gym with my son or ride my bike with my husband, it is more enjoyable. The problem is they are not always around, so I tend to go to the gym a lot by myself. You might want to find a workout buddy.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
4/24/13 1:15 P

Luckily no. I don't have kids or a family to worry about so i just have to do it.

It's great that you are doing the workout with the kids. I am sure they get a kick out of it too.
I love my rebounder. Who knew that just bouncing up and down would cause my heart to beat so fast. I love it.

keep it up.

TARESA21 SparkPoints: (2,396)
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4/24/13 11:53 A

i have found that i have to "trick" myself into working out. MY elliptical gets boring, workout vids arent always easy with kids running around so i have tried coming up with ways to "trick" myself into a workout. I coach my daughters tball team and made a choice to do each and everything they do. Stretching, playing catch, running laps, running bases, batting ect...Teaching by example is great for kids anyway but i have noticed working up a sweat, getting my heart rate up just showing them certain drills and running around with them 45 min 3 days a week. Also i love to join my kids on their trampoline...its hard sometimes to do all the things they do on there, chasing, just jumping, all those flips and leg lifts they do. But 10 minutes and boy am i winded WOO....its little things like this that i need when i just cant get motivated to stay on my elliptical for 30 min. Also yesterday i had a peaceful game of catch with my husband. We are both softball players for a tournament team so catch for us usually gets pretty intense. I do my best to make a point to run after a missed ball . We compete with eachother on who can catch and get rid of the ball the was fun. I know that doesnt account for too many calories but i did something and enjoyed time with the hubs at the same time

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