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3/22/12 11:22 A

However, the juices are not just fruits. They are mostly dark greens and other vegetables. The diet is supplemented with solid meals also. It is worth looking at.

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3/22/12 9:35 A

This diet is based on one desperate mans story- whom can keep eating like this for the rest of their lifes?

Also if you eat healthy no need to cleanse the body, our kidneys and liver have been putting up with the abuse and without these two organs everyone would be poisioned to death from what they are eating.. They do this job day in and out..

Follow sparkspeoples also drinking your food is stealing mastering skills the stomach is designed to do and since we were weaned off milk and onto solids..

Last of all diets don't last.. Remember christmas easter and seasonal eating- peoples will power flies out the window along with good intentions when the crap food is put on the table.. Learn to eat real food- and ½ glass of juice is what sparkspeople recommends.. If you expose your teeth to fruit smoothies all the time it is like soda and can damage the enamel on your teeth.. Fruit is simple carbs and in huge amounts a sugar bath..

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3/22/12 8:36 A

I recently came upon the site/video FatSickandNearlyDead which is about juice cleansing. The man who made the video lost an impressive amount of weight under a Doctor's supervision. Anyone ever try it? My daughter the vegetarian has done a couple juice cleanses. (She has always been slim) and says they can be rough the first 3 days-headaches, grumpiness, tiredness, but after that she felt great. She cleared her head and basically detoxified. Do we not build up years of bad eating and store it? Or do we clean it out regularly with our livers and kidneys and sweat and etc? Curious. The guy on the video was very convincing and was not asking for money-just wanted the public to be aware of the goodness of better eating. I want to try a 10 day cleanse. Any body ever try this? The the site is called Join the reboot.

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7/25/11 5:10 P

I can't imagine replacing one or two meals with a raw green smoothie everyday would be damaging - especially if you're eating 4 other meals. These are smoothies not juices, so all of the fibers are still in them, it's the same as eating the actual ingredient unprocessed - just a lot easier as you can swallow it straight down. It would be exactly like replacing one or two meals with a green salad. As long as you're eating enough calories it's a good way to introduce more veggies into your diet, if that's easier. Much more convenient than carting around a load of veggies on an outing - or just getting in from work, i'd rather have ready made drinkable substance than cooking loads of crap because i'm starving hungry.

I think people are seeing this as a 'juice fast/cleanse' which tend to be all juice and NO FIBERS what so ever - which is very bad IMO. btw my favourite green smoothie is Apples, celery, kale leaves (curly) Sometimes I like to drain it off and have it as a drink - but I only count it as water! You can't replace good sustenance with just juices, you need more calories than that to keep your body breathing.

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7/25/11 4:10 P

I'm sure you can use whatever is more convenient; however flavor wise I prefer the fresh stuff. And anything can be made into a "green smoothie" The breakfast smoothie you just described.. You can just replace the peanut butter with a handful of spinach and viola you have a green smoothie. It's basically a way to get veggies into your diet too.

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7/24/11 6:56 P

I have a breakfast smoothie a few times a week. I usually always have a cup of soymilk, cup of berries, tbsp of peanut butter and sometimes when want an extra treat a scoop of sugar free cocoa powder.

I haven't tried a green smoothie yet though. Can you use frozen spinach or does it have to be fresh?

7/24/11 6:43 P

That is an absolutely great idea - I'm going to start doing that too!

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7/8/11 9:14 P

Every time I hit a plateau I do a raw "cleanse" diet and I replace 2 of my 6 meals a day with a green smoothie. I love them. I use unsweetened almond milk to keep my calories lower. And I mix it with plant protein powder to make sure I get the right amount of protein. I also have gluten restrictions so these make at least 2 meals really easy and nutritious. Everyone has their own way of getting healthy and I know that sparkpeople has been very helpful with the calorie tracker but I didn't lose any weight following their meal plans. So good for you that you are finding ways to get healthy and if you need any support along your journey you now know someone else who loves green smoothies!!

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4/18/11 9:28 A

Thats the same recipe that I use! Always a weird greenish/brown color! I add vanilla soy protein to mine! Just a half scoop. :)

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4/1/11 12:20 P

In my green smoothies there is always an avocado and at least one banana. I also add organic hemp seed oil. Spirulina and chlorella are an amazing sorce of protien for your smoothie too :) YAY FOR SEA VEGGIES! I also take a b-12 balances vitamin complex, digestive enzymes (so I know I'm getting the most out of my smoothie) E-3LIVE liquid algae (YUM!) and kelp tablets for a potentially slow thyroid. I have green smoothies everyday.

I think that everyone should eat the way they want to eat. You will find support and love from people who share your path. The world is full of choices and there are always people willing to expand their minds and take journeys that others choose not too. I have a wonderful family that supports my journey and my goals :) so in the end thats all that really matters :) to me at least :)

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3/21/11 12:17 P

I love smoothies! I always feel refreshed after having one! I have only done fruit smoothies haven't made any green smoothies before (any suggestions to find recipes?).... I think one day I will but for now I'll stick with my fruit :)

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3/21/11 9:10 A

I love smoothies, and I drink them nearly every day. I have several favorites I make, from fresh fruits and/or vegetables. Sometimes I'll have a smoothie as my breakfast ... however, it's a high-calorie smoothie (300-400 calories depending on the ingredients). I always make sure I meet at least the minimum number for my calorie recommendation for the day.

My concern about your plan to replace two meals a day with smoothies is that you may not be getting enough calories. In my opinion it's better to supplement your diet with smoothies as opposed to replacing solid food with them.

LESSEY65 Posts: 13
3/21/11 9:01 A

My husband and I have been drinking a qt of green smoothies most days for the past 3 months. My BP has gone from 135/89 (even w/med) to 114/68, his blood sugar (diabetic) has dropped from averaging 135 to 115(both w/meds). Our sleep is better, the energy boost is stellar, and our skin and hair have improved so much our hairdresser wanted to know what we were doing! We aren't vegan, and we exercise some, but not a lot. He is 64 and I am 60. Go for it!

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3/8/11 1:36 P

Yes! I actually did do the smoothies the past 4 days and I am amazed at the increase in energy I've had. It's not a lifestyle by any means, nor is it a cleanse, more like a compromise of both. Smoothies for breakfast is always a good idea, "cleanse" or no "cleanse". :)

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3/8/11 12:17 P

It seems this post stirred up some controversy.

I don't know about the whole cleanse thing,or replacing two meals a day with smoothies. But I do usually begin my day with a non-dairy fruit and veggie smoothie.

I have a problem making myself eat breakfast-- so instead of trying to chomp down muesli every morning (which I love, just not at 6 am), I usually just throw some chard, a carrot, a mango, and some strawberries in a blender as soon as I wake up. The fruits provide enough liquid to get everything liquefied and it still maintains the fiber, which juicing fails to do. It ends up looking like something that could make grown men cry, but oh so tasty. I even pour a tiny bit into my dog's bowl each morning (providing I don't add anything potentially toxic, like grapes)-- she loves it!

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2/28/11 10:52 A

I'm considering it. I should say first of all that I don't believe that the body needs to be "cleansed," it cleanses itself. But I do believe that there might be some benefit in consuming only healthy foods for a limited period of time. I like that with this program people have enough energy to exercise.

The accompanying weight loss is great, but not the key part.

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10/31/10 2:23 P

Being bothered that people are "attacking" your food choices and then attacking someone else's food choice is very childish.

What is wrong with milk, cheese and crackers? I eat cheese every day, and I drink milk everyday and I'm healthy.

Everything in moderation.

You left out a LOT of information on your OP. If you want people to make the right assumptions about you, making it CLEAR what you are posting about is a good idea.

Maybe you should've searched the boards for similar posts to this BEFORE posting (as suggested on the message boards). This type of post is made quite frequently and usually has the same answers from the same people.

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10/31/10 2:09 P

I would like to weigh in on this topic -

I myself have replaced two - three of my meals with raw green smoothies. Until I did this, I was unable to lose weight. By doing so, I am getting between 12 and 15 servings of Fruits and Veggies daily. This also has allowed me to keep my blood sugar stable and it has eliminated almost ALL of my cravings for sweets and highly processed foods. I think that ADORABLEKITTENZ was trying to ascertain support in her endeavors to enhance her already healthy diet with more nutritious food. We shouldn't pounce on someone because of their efforts. Everyone is different and can not always follow the 'norm'.

For example, I have tried losing weight by eating lean meats, low fat carbohydrates, and loading up on fiber. I even counted my calories but it still didn't work for me. I began eliminating meat/dairy from my diet and the weight start slowly coming off. I started transitioning to a more 'raw' food diet but still ensuring that I am getting enough protein in my diet by using vegan sources. I lost 100 pounds in 7 months by staying consistent with my diet and incorporating strength training and cardio. I go to the doctors quarterly, and my bloodwork has been fantastic.

Please, in the future, before we decide to pounce on someone for their 'unhealthy' ideas, let's make sure that we have all of the information before passing judgements.

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10/30/10 8:26 P

Thank you for your concern, but I will not take advice from someone who puts "milk, and cheese n' crackers" on their "healthy foods" list. Also, has anyone bothered to ask what these smoothies consist of? No. Did you ask how many "regular" meals I eat per day? No. Answer: 6.

Generally it is a good idea to be informed before making an opinion. With that said, not everyone on spark follows the same diet, or follows the meal plan given, especially since there isn't even a vegan option.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/30/10 5:56 P

AK, "making smoothies" is not going overboard, no. Replacing two meals a day with smoothies IS going overboard.

As others have pointed out, the healthy way to eat (for life) is to eat healthy whole meals. If you want to try this as a quick-fix rapid weight loss technique by all means go ahead, it's your body and your choice, but there isn't much support on Spark for such fads.

It's definitely extreme, overboard, and unhealthy. You're a grownup though. Make your own decision. The resident dietitian for Spark has already weighed in with her professional opinion. Consider that in making your choice.

THRASH29 Posts: 1,692
10/30/10 5:37 P


AGASSIFAN Posts: 2,897
10/30/10 5:06 P

SP articles point out that the cleanse thing is a myth...

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,577
10/29/10 9:18 P

I agree with Anarie. I also think it is important to ask yourself. Can I maintain this for the rest of my life. The answer is most likely, no.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I have done this before and I don't recommend it.

CEMGSP Posts: 56
10/29/10 7:51 P

i have 2 green smoothies every day now after i had a tooth extraction, i feel great and they really keep me full.. i usually have one for lunch and one mid afternoon, try it for a month, you skin hair and tummy will thank you :)

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10/29/10 6:11 P

I eat smoothies with bananas, berries, yogurt, and spinach, and they wind up being sort of brown depending on the ratios, haha! I have a smoothie as one of my four meals of the day, maybe two or three times a week. I think twice a day would be too much for me, since they have lots of (good) carbs but not much protein.

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10/29/10 6:05 P

I wouldn't exactly say making smoothies is going overboard, but hey, to each their own. By including healthy homemade smoothies into my diet, other "not so healthy" items get pushed out.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
10/29/10 6:03 P

Kittenz, I think the objection you'll find here is to the idea of replacing meals with liquid, even if the liquid is made from healthy ingredients. Most people here have found that the secret to long-term success is not replacing meals with a healthy non-meal, but rather making healthier meals. If you want to eat more vegetables, you can easily find recipes that incorporate them into solid food, which is more satisfying and sustainable.

Your idea of replacing meals with smoothies may not be the least healthy "diet" out there, but it's not the kind of thing that will get much support or enthusiasm on SparkPeople. Most of us here have many years of that type of thing behind us, and we've learned that they tend not to do any good. But if you want to find support for ways to get more vegetables into a healthy, BALANCED diet, you'll find tons of people who are delighted to join you and/or help you.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,337
10/29/10 5:55 P

If it was called a 'cleanse,' I'd stay away from it.

There are so many ways to incorporate 'green' into a lifestyle without going overboard about it.

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10/29/10 5:50 P

By no means is this an intestinal cleanse. Nor is it considered a "diet", my fault for wording it wrong. It is simply a way to try and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet, in the form of well balanced nutritious smoothies. It has been called the "Green Smoothie Diet" and "Green Smoothie Cleanse" before, which is why I referred to it as that.

10/29/10 4:38 P

Intestinal cleanses are not something we encourage or suggest our members to use. There is NO scientific research to support the use of such products for weight loss, and for some they can be dangerous. I encourage yoo to enter your information here at Sparkpeople to determine your healthy weight loss calorie range. Then start planning healthy meals and snacks to meet your weight loss needs, along with daily exercise. We also have menu plans to help get your started. One of our best tools, is the food tracker.

Welcome to sparkpeople!
Dietitian Becky

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10/29/10 3:34 P


I am currently on the quest of trading in 2 of my regular meals a day for green smoothies. If this sounds interesting to you, or if you already do so, contact me!

I could really use a buddy going through this to encourage and motivate one another.


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