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5/8/10 7:52 P

Also there is a permit required. For NC it was $100 but we didn't pay it. We figured we'd wait and since we had a small wedding, no chairs, if someone told us we needed a permit, we'd pay then. However, nothing like that ever happened and thus our entire ceremony was free.

As for the time of day, we had our at 5:30pm. It was perfect weather, still warm but not blistering hot. Most of the beach goers were gone so no one was in our pictures although a lot of people stood around and watched us get married which was kinda cool (although we had no idea about it until afterward since we were only focused on one another). It was a bit windy because we were ON the beach, but just use a ton of hairspray and you'll be fine.

CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
5/8/10 7:50 P

My husband and I got married last September at Wrightville Beach (in NC). We got married on the beach with just us, our parents and the Chaplain (we're a military couple). My husband wore his dress blues and I wore a formal white dress however it was "beachy" and flowy. Perfect for the beach, in my opinion. Instead of a veil I opted for a simple flower in my hair. I wore my hair down and curled it. We had our reception at the resort right off the beach. It cost nothing but the price of the food which was great. They served our cake, reserved our table and allowed us to serve our own wine too! It was perfect. We stayed in the suite at the hotel that night while our family drove the hour home to our house (they're all from different states). We took our honeymoon last month, 7 months after our wedding. lol. But we're a Marine Corps family, so such is life. Hope that helps!

5/6/10 1:18 P

I am planning on doing something very similar!
Only immediate family, we are renting a house and a couple of hotel rooms. We'll be standing in the beach, we'll have a photographer to take some nice pictures, toast with some champagne on the beach and then head to a restaurant with ocean views. We reserved a private room in the restaurant for us. The following day, we'll do a BBQ and have some games and activities for everyone to enjoy. I am keeping it very simple too.

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4/29/10 7:57 P

I am doing a beach wedding in Maine. It is much cheaper than doing a big wedding,at least ours is. Just the price of the Tents and chairs to accommodate everyone on our guest list was to expensive. so we cut down our list of guests to about 15-20, and we are paying the same price we would have do get married at my moms, as we are in maine. we are paying for our bridal party, for a room for both the girls and guys. paying for our honeymoon at the same time, and feeding everyone the night of the wedding and it all comes out the same price, and we are feeding them lobster for our wedding dinner.

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4/27/10 3:15 P

I have been told if thats what you want to do for your wedding, it's SO worth it, every penny of it.

DAWNDMOORE40 Posts: 3,813
4/14/10 8:53 A

We are doing our wedding on the beaches of Jamaica! I am a little worried about the weather because they are predicting a pretty extreme hurricane season, but I try to leave those concerns in God's hands and I know he will work it out one way or the other. It is going to be beautiful and we are taking a couple friends with us. When we return we are going to have a reception with all of our friends and family.

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4/12/10 7:30 P

Aleclaire, that sounds awesome!! We would probably be doing east coast of Florida so it would be nice to have the sunrise over the ocean. Weather is a little worrisome, but in the right time of year there's not a whole lot of morning rain. And herons sound like good photo ops!

ALECLAIRE28 Posts: 1
4/8/10 9:03 P

I got married on the beach in Key West, FL in 2008. We found an officiant/photographer online and did a sunset wedding with just our parents. It was incredible. I bet sunrise would be lovely, too. I think if you're up for a small, casual wedding - the beach is a great choice. Just remember you'll be subject to weather (if it rains, you'll need a backup plan), other people on the beach (early morning walkers) and wildlife. We ended up capturing a beautiful great blue heron in our wedding photos - amazing!!

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4/6/10 6:54 P

Mr. Platson, it gets a little breezy but nothing too bad unless there's a storm coming in, and then we'd have more problems than just wind!

Payday, good suggestions!!

Mandie, I'm pretty sure at Tybee at least there's no permit like that. Good thing to check at other places though!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,529
4/5/10 8:25 P

Check the licensing and permit fees. On some beaches you have to pay a $10,000 permit fee. I know crazy right.

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4/5/10 6:55 P

it would be nice to have the water as a backdrop for photos. I saw one where there was a big heart path on the sand that the couple used as a path to join under a floral and tulle draped arbor where the couple and pastor stood beneath. There was a small bistro type of iron table to set the bible on and the rings can be carefully tied around the bible with ribbon. It would be the Maid of Honor and Best Man's responsibility to be sure the rings do not get dropped in the sand or picked up by a bystandter. The guests can set around the outside of the heart in folding chairs covered with white (or whatever color you prefer) pillow cases and optional corresponding bows. The bows could also be placed on the arbor with the tulle and flowers. You could assign your attendents to do the setting up and ask the guests to tear things down after the reception.

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4/5/10 4:54 P

How's the weather? Does it get windy?

FALCONGAL12 Posts: 43
4/5/10 9:27 A

True, that's something to think about. We're probably not gonna have many guests and we're both morning people, so I like to think we can make it work for one day. But we'll see!

And we were looking at other weddings trying to get ideas, and saw one that was at sunrise and both of us jumped on the idea. Something about bringing in the new day while starting our lives together I guess? But again, it's a long way off so we'll have to weigh the pros and cons!

MAGPIE17 Posts: 3,284
4/4/10 8:22 P

I'm planning on getting married on a beach, but not until Spring there a significance to getting married at sunrise? The only reason I ask is that you're going to have a lot of puffy-eyed guests, and may have some pretty tired-looking pictures...

FALCONGAL12 Posts: 43
4/3/10 9:37 P

My fiance and I are planning on getting married sometime next spring (still not sure when but we're getting there!) We haven't wanted to do something really traditional, and are thinking about doing a wedding on the beach. We live about five hours away from the Georgia coast and so I am thinking about doing something on Tybee Island. We'd like the wedding to be small and relatively simple.

My idea is to rent a beach house or two for immediate family and friends to stay in. We want to be married at sunrise, and so we were thinking about having a really simple thing at sunrise. Just the officiant, photographer, and guests standing nearby (very few people!) I was thinking about going back to the beach house after for a brunch with the family and friends. Nothing too extravagant. And/or maybe a barbecue later in the day could be nice? FI and I would leave soon after for our honeymoon (Caribbean somewhere!)

Has anybody else on here done something like this? Does anybody have any suggestions? We're not limited to Georgia coast; we've also looked at north and south Carolina, and some Florida.

Any ideas would be amazing!!!

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