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8/16/14 10:55 P

New to spark people. I have decided to be fit and fabulous by the age of fifty five- I am giving myself a litlle time to get there. I'm working out with a trainer so I won't hurt myself and avoiding the sugar.

EESMOM224 Posts: 2
6/28/14 7:58 P


Hi Laura, I'm just starting back on my journey and was doing really well with my walking, making sure that I didn't over do it by trying too much too fast yet here I sit with an ice pack on my knee as I type. I have a torn meniscus that rears it's ugly head every now and then. Hoping that it subsides soon and I can get back to walking. Meanwhile I have cut back a couple of hundred calories the last few days. ~ Shannon emoticon

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6/28/14 6:01 P

June 1, 1961 (so I'm 6/1/61) :)

I have decided that this time, it's "for life." I'm not doing this to get in shape for a wedding, a trip, a "boy" LOL ... just life! Just me! Just forever. Because I want as much of the rest of my life I have left to be on my terms, feeling at the top of my game. We all deserve that!

I have a pair of skinny jeans (that don't yet fit me) hanging where I can see them in my workout area. They are looking more and more possible.

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6/19/14 11:33 P

May 21, 1961 :)
Hope you are well on your way to getting started on your weight lost journey. I finally decided it was time to get fit again. I want to climb Mt. Whitney with my husband for our 35th wedding anniversary so I have 2 years to reach my goal and get in shape. We hiked to the top of it for his 30th birthday back in 1987.

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5/26/14 7:26 P

October 10, 1961
Just getting started with again with my healthy living. How do I find the motivation to get started and stick with it for more than a few days.

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5/24/14 11:31 A

October 5, 1961

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5/22/14 3:29 P

Oct 4, 1961
Menopause, diabetes, cholesterol .....aging is definitely not for the weak.

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5/26/13 3:09 P

Hi I am laura ...I have been on Spark people for years .. I did really well except for the INJURIES!!!
I did too much too soon and my body could nit take it. I am trying to get in shape....slow, slow, and mostly with NO injuries. I love spark people. emoticon

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