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PTREE15 SparkPoints: (8,292)
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1/9/14 3:49 P

Hi, everybody. Another 1961er here. I joined SP in April and have done pretty OK for the most part, though I slacked on tracking through the holidays. I gained two pounds, which I considered a victory given my past gains (7 to 10 or more) through the crazy season. I love hiking, bike riding, roller-blading and working out in the gym. I love the treadmill and the spin bike, too. So I am back at SP full throttle to get rid of the rest of the unwanted poundage.

ITSME4NOW2 SparkPoints: (185)
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1/8/14 7:38 P

1961 what a great year to be born! I can join in on this one..and yes, tired of being unhealthy and using my fat as a safety net. It's my year to care about me..and just happened in here. Guessing this is a new home for me where I can make a new start. Day 1 Starts in the morning!

TEXASGAL1961 Posts: 357
1/7/14 12:04 A

Hi Ladies,
I was also born in 61.
Also with had our company health assessment I need to some things back inline.
So this is the year I am going to make it happen.
I want off blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, feel better about myself.

SHEELAC49 SparkPoints: (6,890)
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1/6/14 10:50 P

Hi ladies,
I too am born in 61 and have the aches and pains also. Had knee surgery on both knees and I think I went back to exercising too soon and now they are in pain and I have also noticed if I dont exercise I usually treadmill and kettleballs that they hurt more often so I just dont know my husband has bad health and I dont get to go as regularly as I'd like and he use to go with me till the weather changed and he cant handle it he has lung problems. I have gotten down to 269 from 350 so I'm on my way been slack in tracking so far but plan to do better the weather has put me in a funk so I have to work my way out of it

RABBLE-RABBLE SparkPoints: (11,507)
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1/3/14 6:52 P

I was born in 1961. After we had a health assessment at work which showed I was well into the obese category and had bad cholesterol, I decided a little over a year ago it was time to get back in shape.

Made it an obsession. Down about 75 pounds, not even in the overweight category now. Been lifting a few times a week with cardio on other days. A few months ago I decided to take it to another level and am starting to build my running stamina and speed and hoping to run 5K races this spring.

While I joined spark people back last spring, I was pretty much inactive here (was tracking food/exercise on another site) until a few weeks ago but now am fully into the spark people experience as there are a lot of great resources here.

LAURACONNER SparkPoints: (44,334)
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5/26/13 3:09 P

Hi I am laura ...I have been on Spark people for years .. I did really well except for the INJURIES!!!
I did too much too soon and my body could nit take it. I am trying to get in shape....slow, slow, and mostly with NO injuries. I love spark people. emoticon

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