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I make my own kombucha all the time - it's easy, delicious and sooooo much cheaper than buying it! Here are very easy step-by-step directions along with a link to a site where you can buy the starter scoby to make it.

I've also made my own yogurt. My next project is to make my own sauerkraut!

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10/10/13 10:51 P

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Not sure why anyone would be negative about healthy bacteria. (It is in fact EVERYWHERE.) I have to think that probiotics are a "first" choice before trying the following:


10/10/13 8:20 P

I made my first batch of fermented vegetables... I added 3 kinds of probiotics and whey from my yogurt. I added freeze dried probiotics. and a 30 billion probiotic cap and another kind... small amounts of each... I followed Dr. Mercola and Caroline B recommendations and juiced a bunch of celery to give it some liquid. I used a whole cabbage, half a red cabbage, bunch of broccoli a head of cauliflower , 4 to 6 carrots, some ginger a fist full, and a small onion, a red pepper, kale, and some wild apples... mostly things went through the food processor.. I used a ceramic crock pot and then put it in jars after about 5 day... tastes okay.

apparently if made with good probiotics it about an oz is several trillion probiotics compared to my supplement which is only 30 billion.

my two friends that tried it said it was very good.... and will keep in fridge up to 6 months

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Fermentation is safe enough. People don't keel over dead on a regular basis from making yogurt or beer or sauerkraut, after all. And the south Indian cuisine I eat for a large proportion of my meals includes dishes called dosa and idli, both of which are made from a thoroughly fermented batter of rice and dal (Indian lentils) ground up with water (though these are subsequently cooked).

I've never made kombucha and maybe there's things I don't know about it specifically, but my first instinct wouldn't be to guess it would be unsafe.

Probiotics themselves I am thoroughly in favor of. I would be completely miserable without them.

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10/10/13 5:46 P

I'm sorry, but there's no way I would try this without getting a degree in medical microbiology first. Breeding one's own germs is kind of along the same lines as building one's own submarine or performing one's own brain surgery, as far as I'm concerned. I don't know exactly what microbes are supposed to be in kombucha, but...

Actually, there's no "but." That's the whole problem. I don't know what's supposed to be there and I wouldn't have any idea if there were something that's NOT supposed to be there.

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10/10/13 4:22 P

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What is working for you? What are your favorites? How did you get started?
This "door" was recently opened to me and now I'm working to figure out how to start my own "stuff"...

I've only heard good about feeding the gut...which feeds the brain...which feeds the gut... which brings about good / better health!

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