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12/11/13 1:51 A

Back when I was a teen in highschool had a fiberglass bow and a couple of wooden ones

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9/5/13 6:47 A

I love archery. I have been involved in archery every since I was 6.

In my 25 years of archery I have had just about every kind of bow you can think of. I like the "Keep it Simple" method. I have settled back to traditional archery and currently have a three longbows that are my babies. My wife shoots an old Bear recurve and my 6 year old daughter has her first longbow.

Archery is great, it cost nothing to shoot provided you are not loosing arrows. Unlike firearms where you have to spend cash on ammo or componets to reload.

8/29/13 8:12 A

"I used to do archery as a kid, but never had the resources to get real serious about it. I would like to get back into it now. Any tips on where to start? I'll be shooting for fun, not hunting."

I would start with a budget number, and shop from there. Technology has progressed a lot over the past several years, there are incredibly nice bows to be had used. At first, at least, don't fall into the latest techno/money trap. Buy something used, and enjoy.

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8/29/13 7:47 A

I won two gold medals in archery as a kid in summer camp years ago.
Not bad for a leftie eh?!
I haven't used a bow since though, but I sure used to be good at it.

8/26/13 11:55 P

I used to do archery as a kid, but never had the resources to get real serious about it. I would like to get back into it now. Any tips on where to start? I'll be shooting for fun, not hunting.

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8/25/13 2:42 A

I mess with guns and bows of all types, but as another hobby have you thought about old throwing hatchets or knives? Once you get the hang of it, throwing steel is just as fun as shooting. Just another idea...

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8/23/13 9:31 A

I just bought a shotgun and want to learn to trap shoot at a local club.

8/11/13 10:47 P

Oh I don't think so! To each their own honestly. Not everyone is going to like the same stuff, and that's how the world should be! If everyone liked the same thing it would get boring faster than it already does!

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8/11/13 5:49 A

Sorry, I'm in West Virginia and have no desire for either, I have to believe people might think I'm strange.

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8/6/13 11:02 P

I like both Archery hunting starts in October. My 2 and I go to northern Missouri to dear hunt
We camp for 3 nights

ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
8/2/13 3:27 P

I like to do both. Looking forward to Archery season so I can spend time alone in the forest.

8/2/13 10:20 A

I hunt, with both.

This past year, I have spent some time with the three oldest grandchildren helping them target practice with a handgun, a rifle, and a shotgun. All three took to it well.

This year, I have rounded each up a used bow and am getting them sized for arrows now.

I enjoy target practice, and it is especially fun to show these youngsters.

8/1/13 9:00 A

Just curious to see if anyone is interested in either of the two. I have been considering getting back into archery which I enjoyed when I was a teenager. And, me and the wife have gone once skeet shooting which was really fun (even though she showed me up, lol).

Any thoughts?

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