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1/7/13 7:50 A

I'm already married. ;)

But my husband has always weight trained since before I met him and he plays basketball. He's really fit and muscular. He does 60 lbs bicep curls. A heck of a lot more than my 15 lbs but he's 6'4 and I'm 5'2. He is conscience of what he eats but he's not as strict on healthy choices as I am. He'll still grab fast food when he's pressed for time but he eats a lot of white meat, veggies, potatoes, fruit. I've always bought grainier bread (it's what I grew up with) but he's never adjusted and still buys white but for the most part he eat fairly decent. He doesn't eat chips, chocolate, candy, pop very often.

My husband had the opposite problem; as a teen he was extremely underweight. I've seen pictures and you could literally see every bone in his body. Like I said; he's 6'4 and he used to weigh 140 lbs at his skinniest (he now weighs 210-215 lbs). He had undiagnosed chrone's disease. His weight always bothered him so after he had his operation and could finally put on weight, he wanted to get buff and has worked out for the last 10-15 years.

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1/6/13 10:42 P

Wow that's awesome! I'm hoping to meet someone like that.

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1/6/13 10:34 P

I'm not single (long term relationship) now, but I didn't meet my honey until I started college, which was a while after I began being healthy. He rock climbs and likes to lift and prefers healthy foods (except when it's chocolate! Or bacon), which is amazing. When we started dating, I asked if he wanted to come with me one night to the best pie shop in town, and he said he doesn't like to eat a lot of junk food and dessert because he used to be obese. I kinda fell in love with him even more after that :P

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1/6/13 10:13 P

Is anyone else who is single hoping to meet someone who works our a lot and likes to eat healthy?? Has anyone taken had any success finding someone who shares this interest?

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