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TEALPWRAZ Posts: 316
2/3/12 1:13 P

As long as you aren't getting "added sugar" you should be fine. Sugar from plants and whole foods is nutritious so don't avoid those. However, I have a problem with labels also. Read the blog I posted today about "dairy free" labels lying to you.

PEEDIE22 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/3/12 12:44 P

ados-ados, thanks for that salad idea. It actually sounds great.

Wadingmoose, thanks for the carb tips. I do better on low carbs higher protein, so I'm going to try to keep the carbs within range and not get to whipped up if the protein is a little high. It sounds like it's the starch that will do me in, not the lean chicken breast or salmon.


WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
2/3/12 11:48 A

You really just need to count carbs, not sugars, for diabetes. I believe my husband can have up to 60g of carbs at meals and 30g for snacks. He definitely tries to stay under those numbers, but yogurt actually fits in that really well for breakfast. We tend to stick with the low fat greek style yogurt rather than the flavored ones because you will find the flavored ones have added sugars.

Basically, if you keep your carbs, fats and proteins in the ranges suggested by the nutrition tracker for you, you'll be fine. I do tend to keep my proteins in the higher end of the range and carbs in the lower end as much as possible but that's what works for me.

LADYBUGLEX SparkPoints: (0)
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2/3/12 11:40 A

I can't believe how much sodium, carbs or sugar is in certain foods. No wonder I gained so much weight...and I thought what I was eating was considered "normal".

SONICB Posts: 4,381
2/3/12 10:29 A

Nothing really surprises me anymore (especially regarding sodium), so I try to eat homecooked meals more.

ADOS-ADOS Posts: 133
2/3/12 10:21 A

I've been horrified by how much sodium is in everything! My mother and her fiancé had precooked ham the a couple nights ago. 1110 mg of sodium in THREE OUNCES! I had to take a pass on that one. If I'm going to eat ham, it's going to be freshly prepared ham, baked in the oven. That tastes better AND is better for me. 1330 mg of sodium in a can of Goya dark red kidney beans! I asked my mother to buy me some DRIED kidney and black beans next time she goes grocery shopping, and I'll prepare those instead.

Some days my sodium has been almost 7000 mg in a day! My great uncle, who I was named after, died from a salty-snackfood-induced heart attack shortly before I was born. I don't want to go the same route!

So I've been trying to replace one meal a day with salad, with a little protein and fat to keep me satisfied. It's cutting down on my sodium AND my cholesterol, and it's easy to prepare. Put a slice of whole wheat bread in the toaster, which takes 10 seconds, until it's hard. Meanwhile, chop up a head of Romaine lettuce: 30 seconds. Half a cucumber: 20 seconds. A cup of fresh, sliced mushrooms: 10 seconds. A quarter cup of sliced red onion: 60 seconds. A bell pepper: 60 seconds. Chop up the toast for croutons: 30 seconds. Two tablespoons each of extra virgin olive oil, and cider or red wine vinegar: 60 seconds. Half a cup of part-skim ricotta or a cup of fat-free yogurt: 15 seconds. Add 120 seconds to organize the ingredients and the bowl, and 120 seconds to clean the cutting board, knife, and measuring utensils. It's about a nine minute prep time, and it's delicious and filling. (It might stuff you until you puke emoticon if you're not a 5'11", broad-framed man with a hearty appetite like me, but it's just as easy to have half of it and put the other half in the refrigerator for the next day.)

I want to do well enough on my diet, sodium and cholesterol included, that when Easter arrives, I can cheat on my diet a bit, without having to worry about ruining it. And I think I can do it! emoticon

PEEDIE22 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/3/12 10:15 A

Good point about the lactose. Thanks. emoticon

It's fairly confusing for me, the diabetes thing. I always run the nutrition report, and often if I lay off carbs it says 'too much protein' and then I let up on the protein and it says 'too many carbs'.

It's pretty frustrating.

I'm eating only whole grains and cutting out white flour and added sugar and trying to keep the right balance and eat small meals 6 times instead of three large ones to control my blood sugar.

I don't have a blood sugar monitor. I am on the Diabetes Sparkpeople plan though.

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
2/3/12 10:04 A

You have to watch all carbs, just like a diabetic, if you are borderline and think you may be heading to diabetes. Great job taking care of this sooner rather than waiting till the arbitrary line where the doctor gets onto you for being diabetic.

It being hard to find a quality cereal is why I usually eat oatmeal.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,970
2/3/12 9:06 A

Even plain yogurt contains lactose. Lactose is a naturally occurring sugar. It is NOT added sugar. You will not find any yogurt that does not contain sugar because all yogurt has lactose.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
2/3/12 9:06 A

Keep in mind that many foods, especially fruit and milk, have naturally occurring sugars. Your plain yogurt probably doesn't have *added* sugar, otherwise it wouldn't be plain. :)

5 grams of carbs is actually far *below* what many diabetics/borderline diabetics should be eating at a meal. So it's awesome that you're learning to read labels, but a serving of plain yogurt is a great addition to breakfast, diabetic or not.

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PEEDIE22 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/3/12 8:54 A

This Sparksdiet has me looking a labels more carefully, and I cannot BELIEVE how much sugar is in foods you wouldn't expect sugar to be in at all. For instance, I put Dannon plain nonfat yogurt on my cereal this morning--5 grams of sugar in plain nonfat yogurt!

Cereal is another one--there are not too many that aren't loaded with sugar.

Sugar matters to me because my blood fasting sugar is borderline (107) and I want very badly to get that down to normal before I become diabetic.

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