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3/15/13 12:16 P

I wanted to post an update in case anybody had a similar issue.

I went to the chiro yesterday and they couldn't do much until they got my back xrays so I can't say if it has helped the pain yet but I did have misalignment in ~13 vertebrae. They said because of my scoliosis I will always be misaligned though and that I will need something in my one shoe to make me level as well as do specific exercises on each side to try to balance strength in certain muscles since they aren't equally strong. After my xrays are seen they are going to give me a treatment/exercise plan to get me back to running without pain. The one chiro is also a runner so hopefully I am in good hands. :) Thanks everyone for your help!

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3/13/13 12:04 P

I love my chiropractor. He really helped me with a hip issue.

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3/12/13 4:08 P

Thanks! :) I will see how it goes and if it doesn't help I will look into the PT or Sports Medicine doctor.

3/12/13 11:11 A

I saw a chiropractor a few years back for similar pain. It helped a lot, but the pain would come back within a few days. He ultimately ended up referring me to an exercise therapist. It wasn't until I had sufficiently strengthened my back/core muscles that the pain went away for good. Hope you get all fixed up! Living in pain is no fun!

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3/12/13 10:45 A

Hi LUMI6234,

I have worked extensively with a sports chiro for a running issue that came up last September and have experienced quite an improvement. That being said I never had to slightly drag my leg because it hurt. My suggestion is to see a sports medicine doc. While I do believe there is a place for sports chiros, with a history of arthritis you may be altering your running biomechanics to account for this issue. You may even want to see if you can get a referral to a physical therapist.

Coach Nancy

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3/12/13 10:25 A

So I have been working hard and just hit my 20lbs lost recently (yay!). Unfortunately the last 2ish weeks I have been hindered by severe leg pain. It started after I decided to start training for the Color Run. I did a C25k app for 3 days (1 min at 6mph, 90 secs at 3mph)x8 every other day and on the third day I could barely walk after (I had done okay the previous days). My left leg from my hip to my ankle was in severe pain. I suffered with SPD during my pregnancy and it is similar to that just not as intense. I basically have to slightly drag my left leg because it hurts too much to lift up too high in a normal walking pattern.

I took some time off and exercised gently and haven't run since. I do have arthritis in my knees and my left knee has always been worse but never to this degree. Through all this my right leg is *perfectly normal*. I did a little research and it looks like I am misaligned. I have scoliosis so I am not sure if this is a permanent issue or what but my shoes are *very* unevenly worn and my left leg is about an inch longer.

Now the problem is that even just walking is making the pain unbearable. I went for a walk around the mall with my hubby last night (about 2 miles) and it was bugging me towards the end and then in the middle of the night I woke up with severe pain in my left leg and now I can barely walk again this morning.

I have been doing sooo good and I am so frustrated now because I feel like now I can't do anything but upper body exercises. I am only 28 and walking 2 miles shouldn't be causing this. I have an appointment with a chiropractor on Thursday but I am wondering if this could even possibly fix the issue? If I am even going to the right kind of doctor? Has anybody had misalignment issues? Did it ever cause anything like this and did going to the chiro fix it?


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