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3/25/13 8:58 A


Find something you enjoy and go for it. Walking is a great activity and I agree music can be a great source of getting us up and walking.

Coach Nancy

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3/25/13 8:02 A

What about going to water aerobics with other women, it is much more fun if your together with others and having a hoot supporting each other..

I once went to a group where we had to first coach the largest lady in the group into the pool when we got her in she enjoyed herself and became less self aware of her size..

Music and other people make time fly by..

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3/25/13 2:23 A

Just simply thinking that perhaps if I turn it into a game I may enjoy it more. I'm not a competitive person and don't have much of an opportunity to try different sports. I do enjoy swimming, but like I said I don't like competitive sports for religious and personal reasons. Any tricks or tips to make getting fit more fun?

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