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LIMIT81 Posts: 332
5/18/13 9:37 A

Read about the 8 hour diet. I'm really new to it but it has some really interesting points.

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5/17/13 6:17 P

Becky said it best. Follow her advice to change your eating habits. Keep us updated on your progress!

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5/17/13 6:12 P

Anarie, I like that idea about posting your food with the exception of I'd either set the posts to private so only I would see them and not annoy my friends or put it on Pinterest since that site is kind of geared towards pictures of random things.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
5/17/13 4:08 P

One thing that has helped me is that whenever I see a pretty plate or bowl on clearance, I get it. I don't think I've ever paid more than $3, but I've amassed a collection of odd dishes that I like. At (almost) every meal, I take time to think which dish will flatter the food, and I put at least a little time into plating it up to look as nice as possible. That focuses me more on the quality and appearance of the food.

Depending on how you and your friends feel about stupid selfies, Facebook or blogs can be a good tool, too. If you're going to post a photo of your dinner, you not only have to plate it nicely, you also have to clear any clutter around it. You won't just plop a paper plate down on top of an old magazine on your desk; you'll clear and set the table and arrange everything in a spot with good light.If you don't mind being one of "those people," it slows you down and focusses you even more. (I actually do this from time to time, but only if I've made something exotic or complicated that people have asked me about.)

5/17/13 3:55 P

There is really only one tip to share.
Set a rule for yourself for eating at home, at work, and at a restaurant/or other person's home. Something like this...

When I am eating at home, I will only eat at the dining table, while sitting in a chair, with my food plated, with no other distractions---TV, reading, computer, phone, gaming device, etc. I will be allowed to have a conversation with others who are also sitting at the table.

When I am eating at work, I will only eat __(where)_______, while sitting in a chair....

With no will learn to refocus your attention on eating, the food, and your hunger. You will slow down.


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5/17/13 3:18 P

It just dawned on me a day or 2 ago that I eat 99% of my food while I'm distracted. Whether it's watching TV, checking Facebook/Sparkpeople, reading...I'm doing anything but concentrate on my food. I've also realized that I eat my food really fast. And once I'm done, I usually don't even remember the actual process of eating. emoticon

Any tips on how to re-teach myself how to eat? (Sounds funny, I know emoticon ) I know the first step is to eliminate distractions while I'm eating... emoticon

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