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5/25/13 7:40 P

check out "chair exercises" I'm pretty sure there is a sparks article about them. basically they are designed for people to do while sitting. you can still do quite a bit upper body and core stuff.

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5/25/13 4:34 P


They actually didn't tell me anything! I tried just about everything to make them feel better but it is pretty hopeless :/ I have a wrist that pops and cracks easy (problems with having to write countless papers on a laptop) so it's a bit harder to put most of the weight on my hands! Thanks for the help!

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5/25/13 4:30 P

Hey the crutches hurting--yep those who've ever used them "Know What You Mean!!" It was suggested to me to roll up a hand towel and drape it over the top to help cushion the ribs. I ended up putting it over the top, then taping the ends together down below. A bit of a pain, but my ribs appreciated it. I also hope they told you to put all the weight on your hands--Not the Top of the Crutch Under The Arm....
Take care!!

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5/25/13 4:23 P


I do have crutches, but I bruise really easily and it is near impossible for me to use them without hurting a lot. But I'm trying! Also, thank you for the part about not dieting! I didn't even think about that! :( I'm staying at my grandparents house until I can find a decent apartment so I am actually eating pretty well at the moment! Just avoiding all the sweets!!

Basically the only thing I can really do right now is work on my arms really... My immobilizer goes up my whole leg so I can hardly bend (in a comfortable way). Darn thing is just torture!!

Thanks for the tips!

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5/25/13 4:16 P

Hi, Brittany !

Is your doctor letting you walk around using crutches ? If so, walk on those crutches. Most people don't realize that walking on crutches is not only a great upper body workout, it's a great core and cardio workout too. It takes a lot of effort and strength to be able to walk on crutches. So, use those crutches when you can.

Also, the others are right, just because you can't use your knee does it mean you can't exercise. You can sit in a chair and do chair aerobics. Go to YOUTUBE. search on chair aerobics. you'll find lots of different workouts posted. Even Coach Nicole has a couple of chair workouts posted in the fitness section.

Do you have an resistance bands or hand weights ? If so, use them. Work your upper body muscles while your knee heals.

And the others are quite correct, when it comes to weight loss or even weight gain, what matters most is what we eat. Good nutrition is what takes the weight off and keeps it off. Exercise is what keeps our bodies fit and healthy. In short, you can't outrun a bad diet with exercise. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat right.

BUT !! Here's something very important, DON'T try to diet while your knee is healing. Your body will need those extra calories to help your knee properly heal. If you cut your calories, your body won't have enough calories. So, do your best to eat healthy foods that nourish your body as your knee heals. If you eat crap, your heal will take forever to get better. Try to eat healthy. You'll feel better inside and out if you do.


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5/25/13 3:13 P

Thanks everyone! They are only letting me work a couple days a week so I will definitely be trying to read up and everything! Just wish I could go for jogs :/

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5/25/13 5:52 A

You could certainly still do some seated or lying down upper body or ab exercises. Anything that helps build muscle will be beneficial! The fact that you are looking for a solution tells me you will succeed. Hang in there!

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5/25/13 1:51 A

Yes, diet.

But maybe also . . . reading?

Sounds like a good opportunity to spend some quality time learning about the health and wellness aspects of exercising. That's been my plan as I recover from a broken neck and some other things. I'm just about done with the first month of a three month (re)introduction into strength training . . . 9 months after my injuries.

Good luck in your recovery.

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5/25/13 12:46 A

First off, remember that your weight loss is primarily diet dependent. Focus on eating healthy so you can heal quickly, and you can also lose weight doing it!! Yes, the exercise helps create a calorie deficit for weight loss---but what you eat is far more important!! You will want to check that your Fitness Tracker is changed for NOT doing exercise, and that will probably drop your calorie range slightly.....

And-- once the doctor has cleared you for limited exercise-- check into the Seated Cardio Videos on Spark. (I've checked them out since I will be having foot surgery...) I did find that some moves required some pressure on both feet to stabilize me though---so especially check that out with your Doctor first. You definitely want your knee to heal right the first time! You might also ask for a referral to Physical Therapy when you can walk again---Those folks are absolutely great in helping you safely deal with your limitations, and still get yourself back to actively exercising. That's what they are trained for!!
Best of luck, spend some of your downtime exploring Spark more, and Take Care!

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5/24/13 11:31 P

I just got an MRI done today, and found out that I sprained my knee. (no idea how) and now I have to keep my immobilizer and crutches for 3-4 weeks and then I can slowly (hour at a time couple hours a day) take it off and try to walk on it. I'm supposed to limit my knee bends and absolutely NO deep bends whatsoever until i'm healed.. This of course cuts out just about every single form of exercise possible. I want to lose this weight but how am I supposed to if I can't use my leg? :// have no idea what to do here.. The doctor said I can't even do light exercises until my knee is healed. Any suggestions about what I should do? I'd appreciate it! Thanks!


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