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9/11/11 5:24 P

Sort of emoticon

My actual wedding is September 21st (eep!), but we're doing a reception on October 8th.

I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made over the last year, but it stopped just being about the wedding pretty quickly into the process. I think that helped - it was less about fitting into a nice dress for one day, and more about establishing healthy habits to take into married life. Healthy eating is normal now for me and the soon-to-be-hubby, and fitness is just a part of life.

I hit my clothing size goal a few months ago, but I'm happier about the behavioral changes I've made. Healthy eating and exercise are fully established habits now. I'm actually doing a 10k run at 7am the morning after my reception. How crazy is that?

9/5/11 9:53 A

I'm getting married on Friday, October 7! I think we're on track with the planning, but I still get panic attacks sometimes, especially after I passed the five week countdown mark this weekend! I have nightmares sometimes that all the guests are sitting and waiting for the ceremony to start but nothing is ready...not the decorations, not my dress - NOTHING! - and everyone is watching me fly around setting up! Haha.

In terms of being in shape, I meant to start getting serious about a month ago, but just this week I started getting back on track with my eating and workouts. I only have about 7 pounds to lose, so I think I can do it in four and a half weeks if I work really hard! I'll be okay with losing just 5 pounds, as long as I look pretty toned!

Happy planning and happy getting in shape to be a hot mama on your wedding day!

JENNIE38401 Posts: 14
8/30/11 11:39 A

Yay!! thanks for the tasty ideas!!! can't wait to try them!!!

8/30/11 11:20 A

Hi Jennie -
I make a cup of fruit and yogurt that fits in my cup holder and eat it with a toaster waffle some mornings. Other combinations that travel well are dry shredded wheat squares with a piece of string cheese and some grapes, crustless quiche (you can wrap it in wax paper and eat it like a fast food biscuit), homemade breakfast burritos (make some ahead with egg whites and low carb tortillas and toss 1 in the microwave before you rush out the door), homemade oatmeal squares or muffins made over the weekend, or an apple and some walnuts/almonds with a piece of cheese and a few pretzels.
For lunch, I take a sandwich or can of soup with me but subway is probably fine if you're ordering carefully.

JENNIE38401 Posts: 14
8/30/11 11:00 A

I am getting married on the 22nd....planning is coming along (have to wait for cotton to bloom for bouquets, etc.)...I am trying soo hard to lose and tone!!! I just get sooo busy that it is hard! Breakfast i scarf down 400 calories in Frozen waffles or pop tarts cause i always eat on the way to work (an hour away) lunch i generally go to subway...supper i can usually plan and prepare without a problem :) I find myself exercising every chance i get. I work on my triceps with staplers at work, do squats frequently and calf raises...when i get home i try to do a dance type game/movie for 30-45 minutes. i try to walk. as far as remembering to actually workout with my weights or doing floor exercises-i am not so good. any sugguestions on lunch or breakfast?

8/30/11 8:42 A

I am! My planning is caught up - I think/hope - at least for my wedding and major reception. We're having a second casual lunch reception when we get back from our honeymoon for our other friends and some extended family that I'm nearly completely unprepared for but it shouldn't be that big of a deal.
I'm not quite where I wish I was physically. I got my weight down but didn't get my arms nearly as toned up as I'd hoped I would. We still have a month though, so maybe if I work really hard...yeah right. Anyway, good luck with your wedding! It is getting so close now!

8/23/11 10:38 A

I am getting married October 8th....are you?
How's your plans coming along? Are you all ready? Are you in the shape you'd hoped you'd be in.
Please tell me so I don't feel like a failure..hahaha

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