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3/29/13 7:18 A

I have lapband and i would stay that the diet guidelines on here have been a big help to me. and i agree with bluenose63 as to listen to a nutrionist.

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Welcome. I would suggest going to a nutritionalist and find the best plan for you -- something not so restrictive as Atkins -- just a well balanced meal with protein carbs etc.

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3/28/13 10:49 P

Hi everyone!

I'm Marci, 45, married and live in Souther Oregon. I've always been overweight. 3 1/2 yrs ago, at 248 lbs (I'm 5'5"), I had a lapband placed (where they place an adjustable plastic band around the top part of my stomach). Last year at my wedding, I weighed 144 lbs (9 lbs from my 135 goal). About 10 mths ago, my band slipped, causing severe nightime reflux. My dr had to take fluid out of my band to relieve the pressure, causing me to lose my optimal restriction. Today I weighed 165 (gained 21 lbs). I can ither choose to live with it the way it is (causes no more symptoms, but it doesn't work 100%) or have it replaced (meaning more surgery, a 4 weeks liquid diet and every 4-6 week adjustments until it's tight enuf. I chose the former, to actually diet (and thats why I had the surgery in the first place, to avoid dieting forever).

My husband is an Atkins fan (losing 80 lbs a few yrs ago) and eat low carb all the time. He's been encouraging me (actually pushing me!) to try it. I'm so against fad diet, but I thought I'd give it a shot. So, Feb 1st, I started the 14 day , 20 gms carb induction diet. The only sweet I was allowed was sf jello. The first 3-5 days were miserable. I was so crabby. I would've killed someone for a cookie. Or even a banana. It got better and after the 14 days, I slowly started adding in almonds, low carb yogurt, and some fruits. For 4 weeks I never cheated once. Never gone this long without bread, pasta, rice, apples, or sugar. I lost 14 lbs, my jeans fit better and my reflux was GONE. The I went to Taco Bell. That was the end. In the last 3 weeks, I've gained back 12 lbs. Been thru the Jack in the Box drivethru twice in the past 2 days.

Think I'll try it the old fashioned way: Eat less, move more. Eat more fruits, veggies, and eat less crap. I'll have to cook 2 meals in my house but thats ok. It was easy when we were both on Atkins. I think carbs are important and I really don't do well without them. I knew I'd gain it all back as soon as I started eating again. can't live low carb forever, but I can eat healthier forever.

I know everyone says they're gunna start on Monday. But it's the 1st so thats when I'm gunna start. I go back to the gym tomorrow (after not being there for 2 mths). I'm gunna be sore this weekend!

So, if you're still reading the novel I wrote - THANKS! Nice to meet you!


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