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1/20/11 8:36 P

I'd like one.

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1/18/11 2:21 P

I don't have any of these BUT I did get my wife a new iRON...

1/14/11 10:36 P

I thought I might want one, but a buddy of mine got one, and I was not impressed due to the lack functionality. Instead I spent about $200 on a small lap top...smaller than an I-pad, but more functionality. I don't do the e-reader thing, type faster than I can write, and am not a huge fan of the mac platform. My wife and daughter both love their i-phones, but they will have to pry my Blackberry out of my cold dead hands.

1/14/11 5:02 P

Thanks, you all have been a huge help.

1/11/11 5:00 P

I use my wife's ipad. I enjoy using it for emails and other light computing needs. It rocks for aviation. I download all my charts onto it and use it in the cockpit.

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1/11/11 1:46 P

I like my Ipad. It is useful for reading e-mails, and checking up on web sights. But I still use my lap top for most computer needs.

My mom on the hand will not go anywhere with out her Ipad. The two are attached at the hip it seems. For someone that has historically been allergic to electrics, it's good to see.

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1/11/11 10:26 A

I actually won an IPad in a raffle while on a business trip. I won it May and it's used almost daily. I'm sure I could live without it, but it is really nice to have. It's great for checking email and catching up on news. It has replaced the morning paper. My 10 year old daughter uses it as much as me. She mostly plays games. I also use it to watch streaming Netflix movies and tv shows.

I won't even try to compare it to a laptop. I personally think they have different uses. I use the laptop for computing and the IPad for entertainment.

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1/10/11 10:28 P

I have an Ipod Touch and love it. I use it on flights to listen to music or watch movies. The Ipad is too big for what I want, you cant stick it in a pocket and have it everywhere. If size isn't an issue, I hear it is like a big Touch. It wont do flash though so a lot of web pages will be missing things.

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1/10/11 7:39 P

My wife has one, but I use it just as much as she does. We both really enjoy it. It certainly doesn't replace a laptop, but has it's uses.

- weighs less than laptop
- fun games/apps
- reading (I enjoy reading on the Kindle, but wife likes ipad)
- great for travel
- more relaxing than holding a laptop

- no where near as powerful as a laptop
- word processing and spreadsheets can be done, but have to buy software for it
- harder to type on than a traditional keyboard (you can buy external keyboard)
- smaller screen than laptop

I could probably make a much longer list of both pros and cons, but you should get the drift from the above. While an iPad can do most things a laptop can, it should replace a laptop for work duties. A lot of people use laptops for cruising the internet and basic tasks. An iPad can certainly replace a laptop for all those tasks. If you're looking for a work machine, or are a serious gamer, an iPad isn't gonna cut it.

We have the 32GB, WiFi only (not 3G) and really like having it. It's great for traveling so you don't have to lug around a laptop. It's fantastic for simple games, internet surfing, and email.

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to help you out.


1/10/11 4:18 P

Don't have one but I am thinking about it. Just want some in sight on the pros and cons of having one from those of you that have one.

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