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When in doubt, go for veggies. Fresh if possible. For snacks, main meal, etc. Always a safe choice. Keep the choice of veggies varied and choose good quality: makes a huge difference in taste.

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11/23/12 12:20 A

Read "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. and listen to his lecture on YouTube. He does kidney transplants and is a professor at the U. of Colorado Medical School. I've learned so much about fructose and Metabolic Syndrome from reading his book and listening to his lectures.

emoticon Happy Holiday Season. Do stay on track and make January 1st a celebration rather than a time of wishing for a lower number on the scale. emoticon

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11/22/12 10:10 P

emoticon ......... I thought about your post and the Question a minute or two before jumping in .............. I would say one thing to simplify your tracking ......... is to track your exercise and food separately and try not to figure what you burned in calories w/ food. (I did read an article in Sparks fairly recently on the subject) ......... Also the more you read the daily sparks articles the more informed you will become ........... the tools and information is endless.
Personally, I have found the more I keep myself in check by tracking, the closer I stay to my calorie range ......... and the studies all support it is most effective and will aid in your success. One team you might consider is The Ten Minute Official Daily Exercise Challenge ........... (also avocated in The Spark .......... Many new people join in here ............ Feel free to visit my page any time an I will help what I can .......... Best to you!

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It's been one week since I have used the nutrition tracker. I think it is a very helpful tool to track calories however they don't always have the food you eat so you have to break it down. Or it's sometimes it's complicated because there are too many restaurants or menus they are naming. I never took the time until this week to track my calories. I realized that I've been going over my calorie limit and that is because I eat a lot of carbs. However, my goal is to eat smaller portions of carbs. Also, I workout and I always track my workout so I subtract the calories I eat during the day to how many calories I burned and that equals my total calories of the day. I track my fitness at least once a week because I can only workout once a week but I also track house cleaning or if I am speed walking to school or home. I've always written down the food I ate on a journal but now I find it much easier doing it on the tracker. I've had Sparkpeople for months and I always disliked the trackers because I thought they weren't helpful but now they are! Anyway, I"m only writing this because I am proud of myself and I am going to continuing working on my goal to eat less carbs and I would like to know if anyone had any nutrition tips that they use in their diet?

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