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5/13/14 10:44 P

Your post struck home because I am also 72 and disabled. Staying within the calories necessary to lose without the benefit of a good exercise program can be difficult enough without the logistical difficulties of not being able to exercise and not being able to fully prepare your own meals. My husband is trying to be supportive, but the portions grow. I have to just waste the food that will not lend itself to being put back in the refrigerator for another time, and I have to remind him that he is being very helpful and that I know he doesn't intentionally increase the portions.

All this is my responsibility. He only served me what I asked for the entire time I was gaining all the weight ... 90 pounds from 10/2010 to 4/2014 ... while my height was shrinking due to the total loss of a hip (hip replacement is not possible due to infection issues) and back problems. So now I look like a relatively pretty Yoda ... Jabba the Hut would probably be more accurate, but I am being kind to myself.

When my feet, ankles and legs began to swell, I got scared. I checked my health out with all my many doctors, and we all concluded that at this moment, it is my weight that is the main health issue. I started watching my food and intake (especially salt) on April 1, 2014 at 260 lbs and quickly started to lose ... 17-1/2 lbs in 28 days. Of course, a lot of this initial loss was water weight. For the next 15 days (until today) I have bounced back up and down and finally arrived back at 242.4 three days ago. is the first program that I have tried that afforded me this much success from the very start.

Then came the Mother's Day cookout ... a hamburger never tasted so good ... and the leftovers that needed to be eaten. I am, of course, afraid to weigh, but will tomorrow morning. I may have to fight my way back down to 242 again ... and again ... and again. But fight I will (did I mention I am carrying this weight on a 4'11" frame now!) so that I can move better, help my husband care for me better, and be a better wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, great-aunt and great-grand-aunt to over 100 direct descendants of my parents and 5 brothers, only one of which survives with me today. In my family, I am four years past my latest "expiration date" of 68 years of age, but I hope to use this site to stop spoiling my health so I can create a new expiration date that will allow me to see my grandchildren through college, marriage, and a little bit of parenthood. I also have many things I still want to do and learn that are still within my capabilities, and my weight is holding me down.

As you have probably guessed by now, this has become a pep talk to myself, but that is okay too! Take what you need and leave the rest, or don't read through such a long and tedious post ... it is your life and you should only do what is best for you. That is what I am going to do. Best of luck to all of us ... we deserve to be as healthy as possible, but we have to contribute to the effort while asking others to help us too! To get back on track, I went back to my first week's tracking and ate the meals I ate then. It worked very well, and will be my go-to method until, and unless, it stops working. Then I will search around this site until I see something else that might help me.

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5/13/14 10:18 P

Great reminders!!! The 10 minutes is so important. No workout on Monday can quickly spiral into no workout Tuesday- Friday and now it's the weekend so I will start next Monday.

If you do a little something, you don't feel like you are starting over the next day!

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5/12/14 9:58 P

First thing is make sure you have a good breakfast. I like to have one egg and 2 egg whites. That really sets the stage for the day. Another day I might have a shake with protein powder and blueberries a tablespoon of Flax Seed. I make sure to have protein at each meal and if I am struggling with the munchies I'll have a protein bar for snack. My favorite is Power Crunch Triple Chocolate or French Vanilla. a mozzarella cheese stick is also a good choice or apple with almond butter.

5/12/14 3:19 P

Just one little thing at a time. That's it. Don't tackle the whole thing all at once. Stick with the Spark plan.

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5/12/14 12:18 P

I am finding myself starting over after having emergency surgery and although its tougher this time I believe that you can only fail if you never try so I remind myself that I am a work in progress and every goal worth attaining is gonna take time and hard work..My mind and body need this I may have setbacks but I will start over again as many times as it takes because I am worth it..and so are all of you Good luck friends, together we can all achieve our goals!

5/12/14 12:00 P

Thank you for posting this, I also need to get back on track. I was doing well and fell off the truck so to speak.. Thank you to everyone who has posted advice. Great to read from other spark people. :)

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5/11/14 1:57 P

Know your are not alone in getting back on track. Thank you for asking for us all.

5/11/14 12:45 P

Start out small, doing the things you used to do when you were on track. I usually do one thing for a week then I increase the healthy things and after awhile it becomes a good habit again. Like someone said don't beat yourself up. We have all been there and we are all trying. Good luck, you are in the right place for support.

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5/11/14 12:35 P

I would read SP motivational articles. I would start (or re-start) to set out your work out clothes before you go to bed- since I work out at home, I set out my weights my step bench,ect out in the family room for the next day as well. Take some time to shop the perimeter of the store to stock up on the healthy stuff you like and the brands you know you like. Set out your vitamins on the counter before you go to bed. Make sure your water botlle is clean and ready to go for the next day. Go thru the counter where you keep your plastic containers- make sure everything has a lid that fits,and that you can find the lid! If the plastic stuff is discolored , make it a point of replacing it. Make sure your workout clothes are comfortable- buy a colorful top if that is motivating to you. Make sure your workout shoes are servicable. Begin or re-start to track your food. If you indulge in a favorite food that is fattening or not the best for you, eat it, then move on and make a better choice the next time- don't beat yourself up.

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5/10/14 1:14 P

Read SP motivations articles

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5/10/14 8:49 A

Refuse to listen to any negative self-talk. Focus on positive actions that you will take one day at a time. There is no short-cut to health and wellness. It takes effort and concentration.


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5/10/14 6:52 A

Going forward one step at a time

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5/9/14 10:55 P

yes . When you really make up your mind , you tell yourself. OK I am going to stick with this, then tell yourself all the different reasons why . Stay with your new acquired taste for vegetables like celery cucumbers and carrots with peanut butter or cheese or yogurt, I couldn't believed, I really like it. I know everyone has different experiences . You can tell your brain what you really want your brain to do . Your brain is a computer that will do what you tell it to do. Relax and start over again, every day is a new day. Keep yourself busy and aware of all the things that are important in your life. Wishing you the best . emoticon emoticon emoticon

5/9/14 8:12 P

Here's what I do:

Read lots of SparkPeople articles
Look at my written goals and goal board
Get back to drinking lots of water
Do just 10 minutes of exercise (anything, really)

It may be a sputtering restart, but I can usually get back in my groove within a couple of days.

In fact, I need to take my own advice and get back on track after a not so stellar day today! emoticon

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5/9/14 7:36 P


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5/9/14 3:42 P

one step at a time

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5/9/14 1:33 P

Thanks for posting this, I was looking for some ideas and inspiration/motivation to get back on track I hit an emotional wall a couple days ago and all of a sudden forgot everything that I knew, something that I was not prepared for. Thank goodness for this forum and Spark People support.

5/9/14 12:53 A

Make a decision, write it down, do it.
Use small goals.
One of my goals is walk at least 10 minutes per day.

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5/9/14 12:43 A

one day at time, one minute at a time one task at a time.
sometimes we overwhelm ourselves, and then expect to be able to correct all the "improper" habits we have developed over time all at once.
we developed our bad habits one at a time, over time and fell in to a rhythm of accepting our own "bad" behavior.
i read something not too long ago that made WAY too much sense, by emphasizing what I just said AND by saying we set ourselves up for failure, most of the time, by expecting ourselves to behave perfectly (by that I mean, we choose a day and tell ourselves what we want but we tend to overdo it, i.e. saying to ourselves on new year's eve that we expect ourselves to lose 40 pounds in six months, or telling ourself that we are going to do 45 minutes of cardio, and 30 minutes of strength training, or run a marathon, but we TEND not to tell ourselves HOW, and we do not allow for building better habits and then we exhaust ourself and we end up right back where we started.)

I feel like I did a terrible explanation of what I thought was a really good point, but what I am trying to say is set SMALL REALISTIC goals for yourself to begin with, and give yourself TIME to build them into good habits. Like doing at least 5 minutes of exercise a day. Five minutes shouldn't burn you out, and it doesn't have to be super intense just SOMETHING, remember stretching and breathing exercises are still exercises. And by giving yourself a month to make FIVE minutes a day a habit you are less likely to completely burn yourself out and give up.
You can build a good habit and by saying AT LEAST 5 a day if you feel like doing ten or twenty or forty you can but you are building on your small goal, then you can set a bigger goal.
Give yourself credit for what you DO manage to do, DON'T give yourself goals that are TOO small, and don't beat yourself up for needing to start over again,... at least you are even willing to start over again.

Be kind to yourself, be proud of yourself, and be your best motivator, not your own worst enemy.

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5/8/14 2:04 P

Do your best to fit in mini exercises during the day. For example:
30 squats while brushing your teeth
30 side bends before you take the clothes out of the dryer
30 arm windmills when you unload the dishwasher
It all adds up!
When having your wine, pour it over ice cubes and add some fizzy water
Make it into a game that you play by yourself! Give yourself rewards daily.
You can do this! Yes you can!

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5/8/14 1:21 A

for me i have to find something that i like...and that is just dance for the wii. it's great exercise and it's super just find something u enjoy and it makes it much easier...and it's getting warm

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5/8/14 12:14 A

Some great comments posted here.

For my two cents worth, how about making veggies omelets on the weekend? There are also better choices for meat - beef fry, turkey/apple sausage links, or make some muffins from a Spark recipe. Make sure there's whole fresh fruit on hand and not just juice so you get some fiber. You might also find that you can get by with two larger meals, and perhaps just a snack so that you redistribute your calories thruout the day allowing yourself to eat a bit more in the AM and same later without going over your limit.

I also think you could find a way to do some extra exercise on the weekend but if you can't, then maybe add an extra 15 minutes on Fri & Mon to whatever else you're doing. It sounds like your family is moving - just not at a strenuous rate & that's okay. You might just go for a longer time - take a hike, go swimming, take the kids bowling on Sunday, put on some music and dance in the living room, buy a Wii and get the rest of your family to move with you - it's good for them too. Ride bicycles, play soccer, walk the dog or one from the local SPCA or borrow the neighbor's - just find things you can all do together.

If you still get resistance from the spouse then by all means sit him down and have a conversation to find out what's really going on, and ask him, are you trying to sabotage me? There could be all kinds of reason both consciously and subconsciously that he might not be aware of. For instance, if he also has a weight issue he might be jealous or not ready to join you. He could feel guilty that he isn't doing the same type of program. Or maybe he's worried you'll get skinny and run off with another man. After all, he's getting older
(of course you are and so are the rest of us.) All kinds of possibilities.

And talk this thru with your kids too. So they understand that change is difficult and you are trying to set a good example for them but first and foremost you owe it to yourself.

Good luck dear.

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5/7/14 9:25 P

Go clothes shopping, alone, and really look in the mirror, no friends telling you that you look just fine...........

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5/7/14 7:43 P

This topic has a ton of great tips. Im back on track. Sparkpeople is what I need. Thank you.

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5/7/14 7:12 P

good post....thanks emoticon

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5/7/14 6:59 P

When I wrote yesterday's message about getting back on track, I realized it is also about staying on track. And I have since noted there were a number of things I omitted (I don't think I could ever cover all of them).

One important thing I left out was the fact that when planning for my eating plan, I must be sure to incorporate those foods that I love. To leave them out entirely would create feelings of deprivation and make me want them all the more. It is much wiser to include them by incorporating them in moderate (smaller) amounts into my eating plan from time to time (NOT every day, of course), and then, following my plan. Planning ahead will enable me to eat eggs, bacon and biscuits at breakfast with my family on the weekend, but adapt the cooking methods/recipes to be healthier, eat these in moderation, and modify my eating plan the remainder of the day (salads and lots of veggies, fish or lean meats).

I see this as being in a war. The surest way to lose a war is to simply quit fighting the battles. When you stop fighting the battles, essentially you are quitting the war. We all know how quitting the war will turn out. So we need to understand that there will be battles and figure out how to fight them. There are many battles to be fought in the war against obesity and poor physical health.

There is a learning curve associated with all these changes (battles), so I can expect some mistakes and mishaps along the way. But I aim to keep my battle plan close at hand so I can refer to it to help me get back on track. More importantly, I need to remember that I can do this! I just need to hang in there and keep trying.

5/7/14 2:56 P

KAREN-IS-HERE those are great!! I would add a #4 - Make the next choice a positive choice.

As we all know, tomorrow never comes for making healthy choices. The right day to begin is TODAY and the right time to begin is NOW. Make the best decision with the choices you have available.

So may positive suggestions and discussions on this board. Good job and good luck to all!!

RUTHIE254 Posts: 262
5/7/14 2:30 P

Thanks for this thread, it's motivating to read it. I agree with tracking everything, and reading motivation articles on SP. Drink lots of water.

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,764
5/7/14 2:26 P

what great advice KAREN-IS-HERE.

5/7/14 11:10 A

I just revamped my goal board on Spark with some new motivators, goals, and action steps. It's helping me to feel refreshed and renew my motivation!

KAREN-IS-HERE SparkPoints: (22,727)
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5/7/14 11:10 A

1. measure everything
2. count everything
3. today only lasts till midnight emoticon

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ETHELMERZ Posts: 20,207
5/6/14 5:31 P

There is always the little problem of thinking of a diet as punishment, so therefore you deserve a "break" by the weekend. I have 2 treats every day, Skinny Cow frozen bar or some such thing, Jell-O s/f pudding, Italian Ice, cut up strawberries, etc. Eat something you consider a treat that is not loaded with calories, so the weekend doesn't make you want to "catch up" with tasty food, admit that healthy food does not taste so wonderful, otherwise people would not need to be constantly nagged to eat it.

BETRHO48 Posts: 15,233
5/6/14 5:06 P

My most recent successes at getting back on track have involved the following;

1. Read! Read! Read! SparkPeople has excellent articles on getting back on track as well as articles on motivation. I have read and read and read all of these over and over again. For me, I have to work on my mind first and keep it on target.

2. Review goals. I read mine every day now to remind me what my focus should be that day. I also found it helpful to rewrite some from time to time. Some needed to be short-term goals (i.e., lose 5 pounds this month instead of lose 50 pounds by Christmas) that I could manage and see results more quickly

3. Foods: Plan meals and snacks, write out your plan (I eat about every 3 hours during the day); shop according to those plans and eat according to those plans. Record and track ALL foods eaten every day (whether or not they are on your plan) - weigh and measure everything and track them using SP tracker.. Run the daily nutrition report at the end of the day and then look at calories, fats, carbs and proteins eaten to determine if you are eating the recommended daily amounts. Change your plan if you are not eating what you should be eating.

4. Diary, blog or journal every day if you can or as close to every day as you can. Write down what you are eating, when and why you eat it. Go back and review what you wrote to help you determine your triggers and then work to change the circumstances or to change the way (eating) you respond to those situations (i.e., I found out I was multi-tasking with absolutely everything I did by eating at the same time I was working, cooking, watching TV, reading a book, etc. I ended up taking all foods out of the bedroom and my work spaces and made a new personal rule not to eat in the car; and then I set a specific place to eat and another rule to allow only water or coffee in the car). To help me focus just on eating, I have vowed not to do anything else when I am eating. It's hard, but I am sticking to this plan pretty well now.

5. Identify those foods that are definite challenges or triggers for you and get challenging foods (sweets, foods high in fats, whatever) out of the house for awhile. Sign up for a SP challenge (i.e., Sweet Tooth Challenge or Mindfulness Eating Challenge, etc.and follow it) and do it.

And find a SP buddy to help you stay accountable.

These (and some others) are what have been working for me. They are a lot of work, but they really do help.

Above all, stay plugged in to SP and don't give up!

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SLIMTHICK2 SparkPoints: (90,300)
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5/6/14 4:43 P

Getting back on track is proving quite difficult for me but I'm taking things one day at a time and I'm also making small changes.

BENSOSWEET SparkPoints: (22,280)
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5/6/14 4:22 P

It is really hard when your husband doesn't share the same goals. Mine would eat a pizza every night if he could. I usually try to eat well, whether he is or isn't. We don't have kids so it is a little easier for each of us to be in charge of what we eat, especially with different schedules that don't usually allow us to eat together anyway. There are times that I do let the temptation get the best of me, but not always. My husband does know that eating healthy is important to me and that helps because he supports me, whether he eats healthy or not.

CARTOON3 SparkPoints: (36,232)
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5/6/14 3:54 P

One day at a time. If you get off track get back on.

MARTHA324 Posts: 5,943
5/6/14 3:48 P

Seriously, time to have a chat with your hubby. You can all eat together and still enjoy the meal without blowing your eating plan. Be sure you have plenty of options to eat that are what you want.

Since I started my journey back in Oct 2013 I would be more relaxed on the weekend and I still lost weight (80 pounds) and now in maintenance I pretty much stick to eating healthy 80% of the time. I don't go crazy the 20% but will enjoy some foods I don't normally have. It all can balance out.

HADAMIREYA SparkPoints: (3,228)
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5/6/14 2:54 P

I had a crappy choices weekend and monday, with a lot of "indulgencies" I guess I must be getting used to be healthy because I felt horribly and couldn't wait to be OK. I started my day today with my super green smoothie and snacked on apple with plain yogurth and feel like myself again! this is where I needed to get, making healthy choices because it makes me feel good, not like a punishement!

DSTENORE Posts: 87
5/6/14 2:50 P

First, WOW, congratulations on your incredible weight loss history. Kudos!!! I too have a similar situation. My hubby can have is wine, while I have a lovely glass of water with a slice of orange or lemon. Does it really matter what you are drinking? If your husband understands your goals, then he will be fine with you having the water while he chills with a glass or two of wine. As for the "snack" - cheese and crackers for him, you can measure your cheese and either have a few high fiber crackers, or instead of crackers have your share of cheese with fruit: a small apple or pear sliced. I like apple with cheddar, pear with blue cheese, OR add five walnuts or almonds to the cheese tray along with a small cluster of grapes. I tend to portion my share on a plate, so that I know my allotment and just relax, nibble and talk. Eat your snack SLOWLY. Another idea: save an empty bottle of white wine, fill it with water. Then you can take it out of the fridge and pour it into a wine glass. This may sound silly, but drinking a wine bottle size of water is a great way to get your water!!! Use good wine glass for yourself. If you have a photo of yourself in skinnier days, look at it while you prepare your "snack" and it will motivate you to drink the water vs. wine. Willpower and I CAN attitude a few nights a week...I also am tempted but I try to focus on the end game. I do have the wine on a Friday and or Saturday night.

SPATGIRL1983 Posts: 45
5/6/14 2:06 P

Temptation can be a difficult thing. You have a great outlook on the situation at hand. I commend you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :)

THINNYGINNY Posts: 1,143
5/6/14 1:51 P

My challenge has been that my hubby wants to have a few glasses of wine and some crackers and cheese as a relaxation time in the evenings after the kids are in bed. I can fit this in twice a week, and still stay on track, but he is subtly pushing me to make this more like 4 times a week. He has a stressful job, and he just likes relaxing with me at night... and he feels bad having a glass of wine by himself. I have been tempted to be mad at him in the past, but am realizing that for long term success I have to own the responsibility for what I put in my mouth. No one is forcing me. Sure, someone is tempting me with very pleasant things....but someone will always be tempting me. So I am trying to simply keep my goals at the forefront of my mind and very kindly say yes or no depending on what I need to do. It IS doubt about it. But remembering that I am in charge and then making a plan and being honest and kind with others will help over the long run...

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (552,625)
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5/6/14 7:17 A

Resetting small goals can really help. Try looking at your successes and work from there.

5/6/14 1:22 A

I like the sentence from ArchimedesII: "The fact is, you don't have to eat right 24/7 to be healthy or lean." and also the concepts of trying smaller portion sizes.

It sounds like you are active even if your heart rate doesn't go up, but it is okay to not be 24/7 with exercise either. They recommend a rest day for that on this site.

If you don't want to rest, doing fun activities - rather than exercise - really is the way to go for family time. My friend plays Wii with her kids or does other things like bike rides or long walks or hikes, and, honestly, it sounds like you are already doing those things and I am wondering if you are perfectionistic about it or if it would bother you to take a few extra months to reach your goal? Not saying that you are perfectionistic or too time oriented about the process, you know yourself, it is just my thoughts, because I tend to be perfectionistic and time oriented, too, but this time, I am giving myself extra months and even an extra year if I need it, because it is about lifestyle changing and staying changed.

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
5/5/14 7:27 P

How about enjoying the food with them, but smaller portions, it may not net a weight loss 2 days of the week, but you will overall.

5/5/14 5:20 P


I had the same situation as you. I started by working out earlier in the morning by myself, and then had small portions of what my DH cooked. Since I do the grocery shopping , I started getting more healthy choices for breakfast and believe it after a couple weekends of complaining , my husband started feeling better in the morning with the healthier food too!
I also have a rest day some weeks and that is always on a weekend day! That way I can enjoy my family. Nine times out of Ten we go somewhere where we walk a lot! So I still do some exercise that day. If we end up eating out my portions and calories are watched by me carefully. It keeps me on track.

MADLILA SparkPoints: (69,457)
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5/5/14 5:05 P

A lower exercise level on the weekend can work for you... The change up is actually good in some ways. Eat some of what hubby cooks on the weekend, small portion, add extra fruit, yougart. The portions are critical. We're changing ourselves, our lives, not an instant fix and it can be very confusing to family. They sometimes seem to feel you are leaving them in some ways. They aren't ready to let go of the comfortable old you. Scary for them....

Best wishes, you sound like you are doing great!!



ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (198,476)
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5/5/14 1:25 P


There is absolutely no reason you can't enjoy bacon and eggs or pancakes with your family on Saturday mornings. I can't imagine living a life where I wasn't allowed to eat something because I was worried I'd gain weight, that's not healthy. Bacon, pancakes, hash browns, a brownie, soda, etc.... CAN all be a part of a healthy lifestyle as long as you are mindful of the portion size.

The fact is, you don't have to eat right 24/7 to be healthy or lean.

Losing weight is all about making better choices, not perfect ones. As others have already noted, you could substitute Canadian bacon for the fatty bacon. You could even consider a turkey bacon too. for the fried potatoes ? check the spark recipes section. Chef Meg as well as many members have posted recipes with healthier, lower calorie versions for morning potatoes.

How about spinach ? You could have a couple of sunny side up fried eggs along with some spinach and bits of ham tossed in for flavor. that's pretty healthy and lowish calorie.

And if the hubby doesn't want to change his menu, then just watch your portions. Don't eat 4 pieces of bacon when two will do. If you were to eat right 5 out of 7 days, you're still doing better than the average American.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (248,015)
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5/5/14 12:39 P

I agree on the morning workouts. Easy for me to say - I'm a morning person! But I do enjoy getting in a 6AM workout (yep, even on the weekend).

as far as the weekend meals - make sure YOU have some healthy options at every meal. Eggs are a GREAT breakfast food. Maybe stock some Canadian bacon for you to replace the regular bacon? Add some veggies to your eggs, have a piece of fruit in place of pancakes. It is REALLY difficult when the food is right there, but that will happen all your life. So learning to deal with it will really help you out.

how about a reward for yourself? I needed to get back to my exercise routine, so I have a small reward that I can buy (a hat and a t-shirt from my favorite radio program) if I work out at least 5 days per week until a certain date (long enough to get me back in the habit).

trust me, the only person you can count on is YOU. You're the only one who will always be there. I've had so many 'exercise buddies' bail on me over the years.

5/5/14 11:44 A

it sounds like your husband might be unintentionally sabotaging your efforts. Can you get up earlier and work out before breakfast? 2 slices of bacon and an eggs or two are can be worked into your calories very easily. As for lunches and dinner, if you cook, then i would make healthy foods that fit in your calorie range. otherwise, request a lean protein and vegetables to be served with each meal.

Good luck! I started back with Spark and my husband bought 10 candy bars "for the kids". Unfortunately the kids don't really like candy bars. But instead of feeling weak I got angry and was determined that i would not touch one.

CRISSY778 SparkPoints: (270)
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5/5/14 10:02 A

Monday through Friday I do awesome. I work very hard everyday and watch what I eat for breakfast and lunch when I eat alone. And at dinner I have worked hard enough and count calories so at night I have dinner with the kids. But come Saturday morning hubby is up frying potatoes pancakes eggs and bacon and we sit down together as a family for all meals on the weekend. I also don't have the time to work out like I do through the week because he always wants to go and do and even with the hiking walking and swimming we do I don't break a sweat or heart rate doesn't raise. I don't seem to be able to make him see in order for me to be healthy I have to do this all the time. I have hit all my goals on time or early but this morning I almost had to call rescue on a 2 mile bike ride...... emoticon I have tried to include the entire family on my journey but the husband and teenager would rather sleep in the morning while the youngest and I go ride........ Thanks for any help....... emoticon

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