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7/21/13 3:43 P

Keep track of your calories and macro nutrients (carbs, protein & fat). SP gives you a range to work with, which makes it easy to fill in your tracker with healthy choices.

Try to avoid processed, prepackaged foods (such as the Velveeta shells you had for lunch today).

Frozen yogurt bars and grapes for breakfast (80 calories total) can be replaced with something healthier with more substance and protein to prevent you from ending up ravenous and binging (or crashing).

An example of a better breakfast would be:
1 scrambled egg & 1 oz. cheese on whole wheat toast
Any type of fresh fruit
Milk or yogurt

Or healthy cereal with milk and fresh fruit
(here's a list of healthier cereals
be_eating )

Lunch (instead of Velveeta & shells)
2 oz (1 slice) all natural turkey breast & swiss, tomato, lettuce or spinach and any other veggies you like on whole wheat or natural grain bread. (I make a sandwich with only one slice of bread because the slices are so big and it's plenty for me)
Fresh fruit
Milk or yogurt

Fresh fruit
String cheese
Homemade smoothie (so you control the ingredients)
Cottage cheese w/fruit
Apple slices w/peanut butter

Remember that when it comes to fruits & veggies - the more colors you eat, the healthier you'll be!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
7/21/13 1:38 P

The only day you seem to have eaten enough was the day you ate 1448. Once you ate 1745, but for discussion I will use that day.

You had 50% fat, 28 % carb, and 22 % protein. I eat low carb, and all I would do is switch the protein, and carbs percentages, and that would be fine, but not sure if this is your plan.

1) What diet are you following? Pick your ranges. 50/20/30 is SP recommendations. Do you have a plan?
2 ) Pick a range for calories. You can't eat 908 one day, and 1745 the next. SP will provide this for you.

After that, just fill in your trackers at least a day in advance, so when you wake up, you just eat what is on the tracker for that day. It should be a similar amount of calories, and ranges of carbs, fat, and protein every day.

How you up your calories to get to your range, will depend on what macronutrient you are low in based on your plan. As a low carber, I might say eat more fat, or protein, but a vegan would say, have more veggies. This question can't be answered without you letting people know your plan, and goals. We would just be giving advice based on SP recommendations, or our own, and you may be on a totally different plan.

7/20/13 10:36 P

Okay. I just looked at your food tracker and I see what you mean. You need more nutrition/calories. are eating lots of food that seems to just take up lettuce. What does lettuce do for you? It fills up space in your stomach, but it doesn't give you much back. I mean, go look up the vitamins found in iceberg lettuce. (There are none by the way.)

What you need to do is look up foods that do amazing things. Lentils for example. They fill you up, better than iceberg lettuce, AND they give you tons of protein. There are loads of good lentil recipes out there. Check out vegan recipe websites. Vegans love those lentils!

Also, avocados! They are packed with calories and healthy fats. Fat is good. You want fat. Don't avoid it.

There are things like the "ANDI score" system that will show you how foods rank, and how to get the greatest amount of nutrition from the best sources. Look it up online!

Second...don't skimp on the serving sizes. I'm seeing some pretty small servings on your tracker. Eat a full serving. As long as it's healthy nutrient dense food, you'll be okay. A full serving of a Big Mac, not so much, but a full serving of cottage cheese? That's okay!

Remember, not eating enough will slow your progress, just as eating too much will!

Be well!

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7/20/13 10:07 P

I haven't meeting my goals and I been researching I need to get on the right track.I need to figure out the right plan for me with out almost always being under. Please help if you could. Thanks

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