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I have tried Body Pump a few times. And it's more a strength focused class.Therefore, you probably won't have a very high calorie burn. HRM are meant to measure more pure cardio where your heart rate is between 60% and 85% of your max.

I am not sure how these other ladies managed to get 500 to 600 calories burned in Body Pump. I manage to do that only in a hard boot camp class or running.

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8/28/13 5:40 P

I have been going to the gym to do body pump classes, but didn't know how to input that into the fitness tracker here since there really isn't a way to guesstimate calories burned for stuff like that. A few of the ladies in the class suggested getting some sort of fitness tracker because it would be able to tell me calorie burn specific to me and would help daily with a pedometer for keeping track of steps too. Two of the ladies have a similar watch and when they are done with the class their average burn is about 500-600 calories. I got a Sportline "watch" but I don't think it's working right. It has my height, weight, age & gender programmed - so I know it has the info to calculate properly. It's supposed to do this by using the built in heart rate monitor (which seems to be accurate as well), however after the first class, it showed that I had only burned about 150 calories. That just doesn't seem right, same class, same moves, same time frame - just to be clear 45 minutes of sweating, heart pounding out of my chest and pushing myself to the limit with weights and cardio. Either something is off with the watch or I am just not burning calories the way I am supposed to be. Does anyone use a wearable fitness tracker that seems more accurate?

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