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12/21/12 8:29 A

thanks! and i do looove nutella... although i haven't had in a really long time emoticon

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12/20/12 9:05 P

My mom made an amazing mac & cheese (not a healthy one by any means but oh so good), I wish I had the recipe but here are the basics. You will need a loaf pan to bake it in.

1 package elbow macaroni, slightly undercooked
1 - 2 blocks extra sharp cheddar, cubed (I think my mom used Cracker Barrel Vermont white)
butter - sorry not sure how much she used but enough to lightly coat macaroni
milk - not sure amount since she added it until it came to the right level in the pan

Cook macaroni until slightly undercooked. Drain and put the macaroni in the loaf pan or a bowl. Toss with butter until macaroni is coated. Add cheese cubes and toss (cheese is not made into a sauce). Put in loaf pan if you were using a bowl (my mom could do it in the loaf pan and only lose a couple noodles - cooks snack). Add milk up to about 1/2 - 1 inch below pan edge. Cover with foil and bake till cheese is melty and everything is hot. Remove from oven and let cool slightly, Serve.

I always put black pepper on mine. The next day we would heat the leftovers in a pan with a little added milk until hot.

I loved this mac & cheese, I played with the recipe awhile back and just eyeballed everything. I would love to find the true recipe but all I've ever found on the internet are the cheese sauce versions which this isn't. After the holidays I may try to play around again and create a version that works with my eating plan and calorie range.

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12/20/12 8:20 P

Traditional mac and cheese is always amazing, but my favorite healthy mac & cheese is butternut squash mac & cheese. I make it once a week.

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12/20/12 4:43 P

I made these gingerbread cookies yesterday and used cutters to make snowflakes, Christmas trees, and moose (long story, they're for someone in particular), I'm going to decorate them on Saturday. Really good flavor, a bit spicy and not the norm sweet cookie like you usually get at Christmas, which I like.

For mac and cheese, the best one I've ever made is from Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa). Warning, it is not at all whatsoever healthy, and I made it even worse by leaving out the tomatoes and mixing in bits of bacon :) Also the cheeses can get a bit expensive to buy but it's totally worth it for a special occasion.

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FOXMOON Posts: 822
12/20/12 3:34 P

These cookies are amazing if you're a Nutella-lover:

Not healthy in the least, though.

My fave mac & cheese recipe, aside from mac & cheese with butternut squash!

This one's at least a little healthier than the Nutella cookies!

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12/20/12 3:31 P

i'll be baking all day christmas eve... i have peanut butter cookies with the white chocolate hershey kiss in the middle i'm baking. i think they're called peanut butter blossoms. my sister-in-law is making chocolate chip and sugar cookie.. so i can't make those. anyone have a ''to die for'' kind of recipe?
also looking for an amazing macaroni and cheese.... i can melt velveeta and milk and boil noodles.. but i'm looking for something a little better.

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