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I also agree struggle with being gluten free. I mostly eat meat and fresh vegs/fruit. I have tried the gluten free pasta and don't like them. My down fall is biscuits and sausage gravy. I splurge and will have a half a biscuit with gluten free sausage (not my Dad's famous gravy) but I can tolerate once in a great while. So according to SP I am also low on my carbs.

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5/3/12 5:50 P

This may not be much help, but most recipes can be made to be gluten free. Use Tinkyada gluten free pasta, corn tortillas instead of flour (check the ingredients always), and substituting other things like brown rice flour for all-purpose wheat flour (won't work for things requiring flour for major structure, like croissants, but works for most things like thickening).

Knowing that, check out what recipes you like in the plans available and augment them to fit your dietary needs. I highly suggest breaking the relationship with bread if you haven't--GF bread will never be as pliable, or as cheap, as glutenous breads. Rudi's and Udi's make good GF breads/bagels, but they are expensive, and mot unprocessed foods are gluten free (even glutenous rice, aka sticky rice).

Toss me an email if you would like more ideas or for specifics. The main rule: check your ingredient labels, and explore from there.

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Hi there, I was diagnosed being gluten intolerant 2 years ago. its very difficult to stick to a gluten free diet due to it being in almost everything!!!

I have realised 1 thing is that I can tolerate a small amount of whole wheat/wholemeal bread in the morning without having any problems as soon as I touch the processed stuff I find myself suffering with horrible cramps etc the next day. Eating healthy and cutting out the crap has really helped me control my intake, keeping ingrediants simple and clean helps you moniter your intake a lot more closely. Unfortunately if like me you love biscuits cakes gravy and sausages you are in a situation, its almost as though you are forced into going on a diet because of your intolerance.

So all I can say is, eat very simple, don't eat bread or flour, unless you can handle a small amount of whole wheat like myself and life is alot easier, I love sausages and there is gluten in them not to mention fattening, but I buy a packet of gluten free sausages and put them in the freezer for when I really crave them. good luck, its taken me 2 years to get this disaplined and I still struggle a little.

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Hi, Trying to go gluten free on a budget...I see the option for gluten free wasn't here when I signed up..any suggestions on how to get a good meal plan? I really need something planned out for each meal...thanks!

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