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1/5/13 2:53 P

Working out can help. I also had panic attacks and I took control of them. I decided that I was in charge of them and they were not in charge of me. I found positive ways to change that.

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1/5/13 10:53 A

I went through a traumatizing early, young, abusive marriage about 30 years ago. In therapy, I was diagnosed as being depressed. It was a pastor from a church and counseling at my university (free for students) along with some discipline to be active and involved with new people in my college community, and reading the bible that helped me get through that incredibly difficult period of my life. I was single mother going to college, working, and was depressed. It was awful.

But with caring help from professionals, I eventually pulled through and could not them imagine the peace and happiness I live with now. I have met all of my dreams and have created more.

Run, don't walk to a professional therapist and get help you need. Suggest you start by calling 1-800-New-Life for guidance as to how to find appropriate help. New Life Ministries are dedicated to connecting people to the right people to help them. Also, Focus on the Family at 1-800- A FAMILY also help people on the phone and to get help they need.

The longer you wait to get the professional therapy, the longer you remain miserable in the difficult situation. A great life is out there for you. Go find it with some guided help.

Counseling takes courage, committment, and character. You have begun to reach out for help through your post below. Continue to find the help you need.

Part of being healthy is knowing to ask for help when you need it. You already are on your way by having started here. Now, we are pointing you to get help in your local community. It is there. Start calling and get on a path toward emotional peace and wholeness.

By the way, exercise is part of being healthy in every way. The body and mind are connected. Get and keep moving. It helps you cope with stress in your life.

Good luck and best wishes!

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1/4/13 6:12 P


Does your school offers counseling sevices? While SparkPeople is a wonderful community for general advice and support, there are some issues that are best left for professionals.

Coach Nancy

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1/4/13 6:07 P

I'd speak to a professional about this. There are coping mechanisms for anxiety attacks which work but are beyond the scope of this forum..

1/4/13 6:01 P

I have been having anxiety attacks numerous times a day since December 15 due to school and family situations. Do you have any suggestions on how I can bring down my anxiety/stress level to help my heart? Exercise right now is not an option except for between buildings on campus due to me taking a class that is only 11 sessions for 15 weeks of material in 3 weeks. I got home when it is dark out and before class I am preparing for class.

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