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INNERBEAUTY78 Posts: 217
2/20/13 3:36 P

I have done yoga before, so I'm familiar with the poses and everything. I'm not used to hanging upside down, so it might be weird at first, but I'm hoping I'll get used to it.

I watched the Good Morning America video. Thanks for sharing that with me. Trying new things can be a little scary at first, but I think I'll give it a try and go from there. I do have a bad back and I know this class would be good for that.

Thanks everyone! I'll keep you posted.

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2/20/13 1:30 P

anti gravity yoga is the new form of yoga where you do a series of poses suspended in the folds of fabric. If you've never done yoga before, you might not want to start with anti gravity. Is the class for absolute beginners or is it a more advanced class ? I've always considered anti gravity yoga (while very popular now) an advanced form of yoga.

How do you feel hanging upside down ? If you're not used to being upside down, you might not be comfortable in this class and might want to start with something more basic. Now, if you have done yoga before and feel comfortable, then give it a try. it could be fun too.

You might find this feature from Good Morning America helpful.

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
2/20/13 1:18 P

Have a word to the instructor first (make sure you're early) that you're new and a little nervous about it, and they will check in with you, offer encouragement, and make sure you're "doing it right".

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2/19/13 5:12 P

I'm not familiar with this particular version, but if you have a good instructor, there is ZERO reason to be concerned. Yogis are (or at least, should be) well versed in modifications for people who can't do all poses perfectly. NONE of us start out being able to fold ourselves in half, not without some serious genetic blessing.

I have NEVER been able to touch my toes; not even as a slim teenager. Flexibility is not about weight.

There's nothing to be afraid of. Talk to the teacher ahead of time mention your concerns, and let him or her know you have concerns and are a little afraid. I bet you money that the teacher will gladly explain everything and set your mind at rest.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Go to the next class, and let us know how it goes!

MIDROAD Posts: 1,184
2/19/13 2:11 P

I have not done anti gravity yoga. But I have never been in a yoga class where the instructors and students were not supportive and nice. I think you should try it!

INNERBEAUTY78 Posts: 217
2/19/13 1:38 P

Has anyone ever done this? Classes start at my gym in a few weeks and I want to try it out, but I'm scared. I'm a big girl and the complete opposite of flexible. This class just seems very intimidating to me.

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