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"So I spend 2 days a week for an hour with Kettlebells and I get nothing? I just eat 1200 calories? I will starve."

Why can you only eat 1200 calories? That's the bare minimum, and from what I've read on this forum the minimum range given by SP seems to be 1200-1550. If you're hungry at 1200 calories, eat 1400 or 1500.

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9/29/13 1:32 P

A lot of the exercises (squats, presses) are strength and you cannot accurately measure calories burned during strength training.

If you were doing swings for 30 minutes straight (which I doubt you are - there are always rest breaks) that is in the fitness tracker.

To reiterate, calories burned is CARDIO only, and kettlebells, for the most part aren't cardio.

And to answer your question - I spend 2 days a week (over 2 hours) deadlifting more than my bodyweight, yoga and other non-cardio activity and no, I don't get calories burned credit for it. All my calories burned is through running.

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9/29/13 1:28 P

So I spend 3 days a week for an hour with Kettlebells and I get nothing? I just eat 1200 calories? I will starve. I don't know what exercises you are going, but I am sweating and breathing hard almost the entire time. I only get 2 minute breaks between sets and less than 30 between the different exercises. But, I don't get any calories burned for it?

It makes no sense

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9/29/13 1:12 P

kettlebell training is STRENGTH TRAINING. You can add exercises manually, or you can do what I do, quick track for KB workouts. Calories burned numbers come from cardio.

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9/29/13 1:05 P

Ok, so I am really frustrated right now. I have taken up Kettlebell training and I cannot figure out how to accurately track the calories burned

- HRM won't work
- The tracker seems to overestimate
- Using quick track doesn't seem to use calories

How exactly can I track this so I know how much to eat????

I don't understand why none of these exercises are in the tracker in the first place

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