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Welcome! Believe in yourself; you have the strength and the courage to do this! Don't worry about what other people think. Good people will see that you are making a commitment to change and they will respect that.

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Welcome Eve! I'd say you came to the right place. This site is an amazing wealth of information so you will learn how to treat yourself well.

The best way to start? You already did it! You signed up here and you are ready to make healthy changes. My advice to you is to make as many sp friends as you can, you can never have too many! Use the tools. They are so helpful and you will stay on track with them!

You can still have pizza and sweets, just remember one word, moderation! If you use the food trackers you will be able to stay within your goals.

Make getting spark points into a game. Try to get more every day.

Lastly, believe in yourself. You can do this!!

Also please feel free to add me as a friend. I can't add you because you have no spark page. You're going to want to do that soon! :)

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Hello! My name is Eve and I'm a university student in the UK. When I was little I was really really skinny but then I had a period when I was really sick and that kinda messed up my system and I gained a lot of weight in a short period of time. I then managed to lose some of it with a diet but after a while I got the weight back. So now, being a fresher, I have never been fatter and I feel absolutely terrible. My maximum weight was around 62-63 kg, and now I'm 66. Given the fact that I feel terrible and fat all the time I decided that I need a change but I feel like it's going to be really difficult because it seems to me that in order to lose weight I need to get rid of everything I love eating like chocolate and pizza and sweet stuff. I don't move at all and I'm planning to get a subscription for my uni's fitness but I am kinda embarrassed because I've never set foot in a gym so I fear people would laugh at me. Basically, I have no idea where to start but what I know is that I need to get in shape and that if I don't do it now I might not be able to later. Sorry for writing so much - I am kinda stressed about all of that but I have decided that I need to do something. I only hope I have the strength to actually see it through :) Thanks for reading! :)

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