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9/22/13 2:10 P

Hi Kathy!

I understand where you are coming from "completely!" emoticon

I was blessed to be a stay at home mom for the majority of my son's growing up.. (he turns 20 this January!) emoticon Wow, time flies!

I have been back to work for the past few years as a Server for Cracker Barrel.. I work the night/closing shift as well so it is a HARD balance to still clean, do laundry, cook, grocery shop, take care of family/spend time with them, WORK and then try to fit in exercise and healthy planning/eating! (my poor hubby lost his job of over 20 years bc the company closed! He is currently unemployed)

SHEEWWWWW! emoticon

You can find balance though. I have lost 28.6 lbs with Spark and my exercise/planning and I need to take off 20 more to reach GOAL!

emoticon emoticon

Feel Free to check out my Spark Team: READY * SET * SPARK!!

Click on the link below!

You will also see the SP Team Logo on my Spark Page under SP Teams. emoticon

We are a great support group an it's an active Team!

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9/21/13 9:32 A

Welcome to SP.

9/21/13 12:45 A

Sounds like a great goal! I am a stay at home mom and have to try to fit my exercise into my day and understand the frustration. I thought this site looked interesting and figured the daily e-mail in the morning might just get me off the couch and into my workout...Hope it works for us both :) Motivation is what I needed too!

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9/20/13 8:39 P


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9/20/13 7:43 P

Hello and Welcome!
You will find lots of support and encouragement here on SP! Being active on your Spark Teams is a great way to make new friends with similar interests or goals.

You can do this! Best of luck to you!

9/19/13 11:50 A

emoticon Welcome! The weight loss journey can be a hard one but can be done with dedication and support. This website has so much to offer and if you utilize the tools this site has to offer you can be successful. Set some short term goals. I find this easier than looking at the end result. I set goals of 5 pounds at a time. I post the date on which I hit these mini goals on my Sparks page. It shows me that I am making progress so I don't get discourage when I think about how much more I have to lose to get to my target weight loss.

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9/19/13 10:07 A

I need help and encouragement. I've been a spark member before and each time I've failed. I needed encouragement before and just didn't find the right help. I need some others that are stay at home moms or doing zumba as exercise, or neither, but have to split their workouts up through the day, I don't know what I need, Just need motivation to keep me going this time. Please add me and help me out! i posted my first blog. My goal is to lose 60-70 pounds by my 30th birthday ,which is about a year and a half away. My shor tterm goals are a pound a week.

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