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1/11/13 2:00 P

I read your story and I can relate. My father who is in his 80's had mouth cancer and continues to smoke.He says if he can't do the things he enjoys (smoking and drinking beer) then he should just die because there is nothing else he enjoys. The doctors have told him so many times he needs to quit smoking. But he is determined to smoke.

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1/11/13 1:52 P

I was the same, but for me, I figured out it wasn't the exercise or healthier lifestyle. It was All that Tracking! Writing down/ tracking everything wasn't for me. Made me fustrated and angry especially if I didn't meet a goal. I had a change of mindset, any exercise I renamed as "playing" and I considered food as just that. I found myself outdoors "playing" more, ate until I was no longer hungry without thinking about it and still lost weight.

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1/11/13 11:35 A

still am

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1/7/13 2:45 P

Wow - thank you for sharing your story with me. I guess it's easy to forget how precious life is until something happens, and I don't want anything to happen to me prematurely. You've given me food for thought!

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1/7/13 2:36 P

Entitlement - I watched my Father, a PhD in Pharmacy and one of the most intelligent, capable and knowledgable men I have ever known FIGHT Diabetes and CHF with such resentment. He died 5 years ago of Congestive Heart Failure and Diabetes complications. Could he have lived longer had he exercised, gave up excessive eating/sugar/breads etc. YES!!! But he didn't because he refused to accept the conditions.....I tried to coach, cajole and beg him to make changes towards a healthy day, when I was visiting him in Cyprus as he rested after his insulin injection, he looked at me and said the following, which came deep from within him. 'I am NOT going make changes to who I am, what I do or how I eat because a medical condition and MY BODY will not let me be ME!!' I am angry that my body with all my knowledge has let me dare these conditions dictate to me how I live my life' was telling and Father felt entitled to live his life as he wanted and when his body said no more...he fought it and finally died from it.....change is a decision not a choice....choices we have - decisions we own!!!

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1/7/13 2:26 P

I'm kind of the same way. It's hard to change ingrained habits and I get resentful. What helps for me is to try and frame stuff in a positive and exciting way. If I view it as a way to reframe my life-- play a game with my daughter instead of sitting on the couch and snacking-- it is less about restraint and more about making each day more fun and energetic.

It doesn't always work but sometimes it does! ;)

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1/7/13 11:04 A

a few items on this sign have changed and i don't like it

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1/5/13 5:42 P


KARENSEM SparkPoints: (712)
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1/5/13 5:42 P

That's a great idea; thanks!! I hate the feeling I get when I start some kind of lifestyle change. When I did Weight Watchers several years ago, I lost weight, but it made me so angry. I know part of the problem was that the meeting facilitator was not that personable and talked a lot about herself. At any rate, I'll try either blogging or journaling to see if I can find a pattern - or better yet, an answer. emoticon

REJOHNSON3 Posts: 23,329
1/5/13 2:36 P

Sometimes I wake up grumpy and then sometimes I let her sleep.

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1/5/13 1:45 P

These are great thoughts for addressing the anger. I've found journaling (private) and blogging (public) to be effective ways of sorting out feelings. It's so encouraging to hear from someone who has walked the same path.
When I started with SparkPeople back in August I was very skeptical about whether or not I even wanted to do this. I feel so much better physically and so much more positive emotionally that I've become an SP cheerleader. Hang in there; it can get better.
Best wishes!

LUVS2WIN67 Posts: 1,060
1/5/13 10:48 A

Maybe it is the way you are looking at it. I know that some people hate the word "diet" and it immediately sparks some anger. I do not look at this program that way was it does allow for you to have the things you love (in moderation, of course) so you don't have to give up every thing you love. Try looking at it on a positive. Like you will be healthier, have more energy, you will be proud of yourself for reaching the goals you have set.
Sometimes when we are forced to take a good look at the life we are living...that can bother us too. We wonder how we got here, are mad at ourselves for allowing ourselves to get to this point. But remember the choice is yours for change! And lots of time change is fun and exciting. I hope you find a way to deal with your anger (maybe throw it all into exercise) and can look at this in a new positive light. Good luck.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
1/5/13 12:47 A

Any time that you start to make changes in your life, you can expect some emotions to surface. You are trying to let go of something that has become comfortable for you, and go after something new. This can be scary, and people handle it differently. For you, anger surfaces.

This would be a great time to start blogging about what you are feeling and also the why behind it. You don't have to write pages and pages, just a note or two about what was going through your mind.

You may discover a pattern, or you may find a solution. Blogging is a great way to work through things you don't understand. If you have a public blog, other people can read and comment, and perhaps give you an idea from when they went through the same thing.

KARENSEM SparkPoints: (712)
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1/4/13 11:52 P

I've discovered that changing my diet, routine, etc. just makes me angry. How do I get over this? I know it's because I track everything I eat and I don't like it. I also rationally know that I'm doing it for my health and well-being, but emotionally I'm still pissed off! Help!!

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