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6/13/13 11:15 P

When I don't feel like exercising, I realize I never say to myself "I wish I hadn't worked out today." that gives me some motivation to go do it. Glad you're feeling better.

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6/13/13 1:51 A

I wonder in your case if it was perhaps partly because of the solvents used that caused your anger. A lot of teenagers use various solvents to get 'high' but sometimes it has the opposite effect! It can also have the effect of paranoia.

Glad you are out of it, now!


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6/13/13 12:46 A

I dunno. In my case I have just come off of a week of extremely hard exercising to the point of muscle stiffness from taking up my carpet, scraping up old glue with solvent (very hard work) and laying down vinyl tiles. It was a whole week of obsessive hard work.

I was angry for about 24 hours starting yesterday and now I'm okay again. I do not know why I was angry. It was as if I had taken an angry drug. I was getting paranoid, thinking people were taking advantage of me. Then I went to a Weight Watchers meeting and decided to eat a little food. That brought me out of most of my anger. Then I studied clock fixing and I realized my clock man was completely honest with me and that pretty much fixed me. But the anger was terrible. I don't want to get angry like that again but I am afraid that as I age I may tend to get angry more often as I realize that aging brings out the worst in us.

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10/19/12 12:12 P


I agree with the others. whatever you decided, you shouldn't be angry at yourself for making that decision. If you decided to skip your evening workout, that doesn't make you a bad person or an unhealthy one. Get a good night's sleep and see how you feel the next day.

Some days our bodies give us signals that we need to take a night off. Maybe your anger was a sign you needed some rest. Stress can do weird things to our bodies.

Hope you feel better this morning.

MOOSLADY Posts: 208
10/19/12 11:50 A

I would vote for going to bed, if you are that tired and cranky, sleep might be the best thing both physically and emotionally. You posted 12 hours ago, what did you end up doing?

HUNGRYWOMAN2 Posts: 14,863
10/19/12 7:59 A

Exercise is the best tool I have to work off stress and anger. However, I have learned to be watchful when I exercise angry. Sometimes I go too far and work myself too hard. This is where all my gadgets, buzzers and beepers help, in addition to tracking-they help me to be more aware of what is going on with my body.

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (253,367)
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10/19/12 6:54 A

If you are tired already and it is your bed-time, my belief is that it isn't really the time to exercise. It might be that you will be less resentful if you can exercise at a different time of day! Do you work? If so, why not go for a walk at lunch time, and sneak in some little exercises WHILE working (that is multi-tasking - LOL!) If you work is sitting at a computer, get one of those little foot peddles or twin air bags so that you can work your feet/legs while working. 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there soon mount up in the course of the day. There is no rule that says that all your exercise has to be done at the one time!

The other thing is to find the exercise that you enjoy. THEN you will look forward to it. Maybe Zumba, or bowling - then you get entertainment too. If you generally exercise at least 5 days per week, then there is nothing wrong with taking an 'unscheduled' day off now and again. Be kind to yourself. You seem to have a bit of insight into the reason for the anger, and it would appear that the anger was misdirected, it wasn't the exercise but rather tiredness and/or work.


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10/19/12 5:13 A

When I first started exercising, I'd always be angry, because I resented having to be one of those people who had to exercise and eat better instead of one of the "naturally thin" people. Then I realized I liked exercising.

Channel your anger into kickboxing, or as everyone knows, anger is fantastic for making a person run faster. I've also done yoga while really angry, but that doesn't work very well.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/19/12 4:22 A

I think either one will be fine - just don't get too angry at yourself whichever one you choose.

You do exercise regularly, so yes, if you choose to take a night off because you're just not in the mood for it tonight, that's perfectly okay.

On the other hand, exercise does release endorphins, which can make you feel super awesome after if you were emotionally worked up before. Some of the absolute best sessions I've had have been when angry or upset. Something to do with the adrenaline.

So really ... it's fine to do either. Maybe you just have to recognise that the conscious decision-making part of your brain can't ALWAYS control over the emotional side. Sometimes emotions win. And as long as the resulting actions aren't hurting anyone, and don't become a negative habit long-term ... so what?

You can't win every battle.

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10/19/12 12:01 A

So, for some inexplicable reason I'm finding myself getting angry at the thought of exercising tonight. I'm not sure where this is coming from, since I already regularly exercise and I don't mentally struggle through it. Today just seems different, and something feels way off. When I think of the fact that I should get up and work in a workout before bed, I start to feel angry and I don't know why. Maybe angry because I'm tired and had a bad day at work, who knows... At first I thought that if I just started up my workout dvd and got going that my stress would melt away. WRONG! I actually got more pissed off, but had nothing to direct that anger at because I'm not sure what is upsetting me.

So, I don't think the point is to find out why I'm getting angry, since I just assume that this is a temporary mood swing that will go away regardless what the cause is. My problem is that part of me just wants to tell myself to chill out and take an unscheduled night off, and that if I'm not feeling it tonight then I shouldn't sweat it. I mean, I work out at least 5 days a week anyways, so an extra day off this week won't kill me since it's not like it's a habit.

On the other hand, I feel guilty that I'm letting myself be controlled by my emotions, and the longer I sit here and stew over whether I should just force myself to work out or not, the more I run the risk of staying up past my bedtime.

So, I don't really know what I'm asking here (I guess being tired and cranky makes me not think straight). I'm just not sure if I should muscle through it to keep up my consistency, or give myself a break for the night.

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