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12/8/12 11:58 P

While exercise can contribute to the depletion of iron stores, its mostly a matter of getting enough replacement. You also have being female to add to the situation. Your body doesn't make iron, so you have to eat it. That is often at odds with trying to lose weight and eating less. You also want to optimize your absorption of the supplement by not taking it with food and making sure you take a vitamin C or orange juice with it.

I'd start off slow, just so you don't wear yourself out. Pay attention to your energy levels. However, there is no contraindication to do exercise with anemia, you may just not feel like doing it. I once met a lady with a hemoglobin of 1.9 that was functioning normally, she had just gotten used to it over the years.

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12/8/12 1:31 P

Hi Lucy

The first thing you'll want to do is ask your doctor for their advice regarding resuming an exercise program. My guess is you'll just need to start slow, perhaps with 5-10 minutes at a time (and maybe increasing that to a few times a day) until you get stronger and can tolerate more. My suggestion is to listen to your body and just not push yourself too much, too soon.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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12/8/12 1:10 P

Any advice? I was exercising twice a week for an hour, then was diagnosed and treated for severe iron-deficiency anemia. Reluctantly, I stopped exercising in order to get well.

How do I reintroduce exercise in such a way that I won't wear myself down again?

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