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DEBBLO Posts: 4,447
9/17/14 11:12 A

Can't you somehow just take the ad for the app off or move it?

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (139,741)
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9/17/14 11:01 A

Hi Deb,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We hope to have this issue resolved in the next release of our app.

Be well,

DEBBLO Posts: 4,447
9/16/14 4:16 P

Hi, I downloaded the update to my Spark App. Now when I view the food I have eaten, the totals on the bottom are all squeezed together because of an app on the bottom! I can only read the remaining totals for each food group. I have a Galaxy IV and did not have this problem before the update.
Thanks for your help (hopefully?)

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (600,231)
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5/8/14 11:43 P

Thanks Kelly!!!!

BAYOUBABE61 Posts: 1
5/8/14 8:43 P

I also have a question since the update. On my "Home" page it shows a +Food, -Exercise and then the =Net. My +Food shows 325 every day, even before I log any foods for the day, and it never changes. Isn't it supposed to show my "total calories" as I add them?


It's okay. I decided to uninstall and re-install and it works now.

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AGUNAT Posts: 39
5/8/14 4:36 P

Thanks, I found it. I wonder why I didn't get an email when you answered.


KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (139,741)
Fitness Minutes: (186,226)
Posts: 9,622
5/8/14 2:33 P

Hello Bob,

On the screen to add foods, there is a green bar at the top that has Search, Recent, Favorite, Food Grouping and Scan. Not all of these will not be visible on the screen at the same time. Those boxes scroll horizontally. So to perform a general search, swipe the green top bar to show the left-most "Search" button. Tapping on the Search button will allow you to perform a general food search. Hope this helps!

Be well,

AGUNAT Posts: 39
5/8/14 2:10 P

The SparkPeople app for my Android phone updated and by and large I like the new interface. I cannot find how to do a "general" search for a food I might have eaten that is not on my favorites list. The new interface gives me easy access to my Favorites, Grouped foods, and even my recently entered foods. But how can I do a general web search for a foods not in those categories?

Thanks in advance... Bob

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