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KELEKONA Posts: 605
10/10/11 2:12 P

I like mush made from stale cornbread. I won't eat popcorn because it's harder than my teeth. (I do violate the rule for eating chips, but they're still softer than popcorn.)

JOYFULME01 Posts: 621
10/9/11 9:57 P

I think popcorn and milk might be tasty. I'll give it a try and get back to you. My mom and grandmother have eaten crumbled cornbread and milk for years - I haven't tried it because it turns to mush, but I'll bet the popcorn stays chewy in milk.

LADYZOEO SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 93
9/9/11 5:13 P

I am willing to try almost anything once... however, my newest find is turkey burger

9/2/11 9:54 A

I'm for fruit and veggie slices in my water instead of juice.

8/30/11 1:38 A

nothing ventured!! you are sooooo wise emoticon

TIMOTHYNOHE Posts: 4,317
8/29/11 8:56 P

Think of it this way. For the price of 1/4 cup of popcorn and 1 cup of milk, you may discover a whole new taste treat! Or you may give it to the cat if he'll have it.

Nothing ventured ....

8/29/11 5:10 P

LOL LOL I know you guys are right, but I think it would be a textural thing LOL I couldn't imagine it LOL LOL but maybe some of the stuff I eat you might see as strange LOL LOL


TIMOTHYNOHE Posts: 4,317
8/29/11 7:35 A

KAthy, so sorry you can't see popcorn as a breakfast cereal. It was actually one of the earliest ones among American pioneers pushing west stealing Native American land and slaughtering them. (Oops, let some of my politics out.)

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,528
8/29/11 6:25 A

kathy, what do you think other grain cereals are made from if not popped grains? really?

I think this is a brilliant idea, you have made a way of getting a popped cereal without the loads of added crap and sugar like the ones in the stores.

way to go being resourceful and sensible!

I love combining fruit and meat for a protein high breakfast, but still getting sweet from the fruit.

8/29/11 2:52 A

LOL LOL LOL that sounds yucky!! glad you like it though LOL LOL

TIMOTHYNOHE Posts: 4,317
8/28/11 6:03 P

Once i started Weight Watchers and the weight started to come off, I became incredibly food brave. OK, not eating bugs or anything.

But I am willing to try stuff that would never have entered my mind before.

The kids caught me this week eating a new treat for me.

I pop some loose popcorn in a covered bowl in the microwave oven. No oil. No salt. About 1/4 cup loose corn makes about 2 cups popcorn.

But that isn't it.

I put it in a cereal bowl and pour soy milk (any milk will do, but I like soy on my cereal) and sprinkle a little cinnamon sugar.

It is yummy.

I just have to watch out for the old maids.

No! Not my ugly sisters. The unpopped kernels.

(y'all are mean picking on my sisters like that.)

Do you have any unusual food finds?

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