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11/7/13 7:19 A

In addition to what's already been suggested... which are REALLY good suggestions... I'd say-- if you already know this is a chronic problem for you, devise a way to get past those first 3 weeks. For example, make getting past them a goal. Don't focus on the long term number of pounds you want to lose or whatever... just focus on those first 3 weeks. Decide on a reward for meeting that goal (do not choose food). Make sure that reward is something you REALLY want.

List the reasons you want to meet that goal, and post copies of that list where you will see them-- on the bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator, on the cabinet door where the snack foods are. Put a copy in your pocket or purse. Every morning, review your list and think about your strategies for the day, to help you meet your goal. There are lots of good articles here on Spark, about motivation and goal setting.

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11/7/13 4:58 A

When this happens it is usually because the person has tried changing too many things all at once. It is best to go into this as a healthy lifestyle change rather than a "Diet", because in truth, diets don't work. You may lose weight in the short-term, but when you have reached your goal, you go back to what you were doing prior to starting 'the diet', OR you get bored or feel deprived and fall off the wagon because of it.

If you change only one or two things to start with and allow your mind/body to get used to those changes before adding something else to the mix, odds are you will stick with it. The reason is because you are slowly UNlearning the old bad habits which got you to where you are now, as you equally gradually develop healthy new habits.

It might be something as simple as decreasing soda/juice and increasing water. It might be adding a couple extra fruit/veges to your day. OR it could be taking the stairs for one floor instead of the lift. It might be parking your car a wee bit further away from where you normally park it. All these little things add up to big positives over time.

Another thing to look at is that you don't drop the calories right down all of a sudden. It is best to gradually work down to your range, and remember that the range doesn't mean you have to eat at the lowest level, especially if you are exercising.

I hope that is 'food for thought'


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11/6/13 11:04 P

For me, I add things per week. So instead of trying to do it all at once like you're doing, I pick one thing and do that for a week and then add something the following week. So week 1, I'll track my food and eat healthier. Then for week 2 I'll keep the healthy eating and tracking going and i'll introduce some exercise. Week 3 might be something else. I find it better that way cause each week I see more of a difference and it helps to motivate me to do more and more.

Sometimes I'll do one thing for 2 weeks instead of 1 week.

I hope that helps!

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11/6/13 10:16 P

I do know what you mean...the only way to stick with it, is wanting it bad enough...I am speaking from experience...In the past I just kind of wanted it...but one day I woke up and didn't know the person standing in the mirror...So, at that moment I just made up my mind to do it...I considered week 1 "Hell week" but just kept pushing! Something else that helped me was researching several fitness pages on facebook, google, etc. You just have to find what will motivate you to keep going!!! emoticon emoticon

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11/6/13 5:20 P

Has anyone else had the same problem as me? This always happens! For one week exact, I'll do my recommended workouts, track my foods and calorie intake, and drink a plentiful amount of water. Then by week two I slack off a bit, I eat a bit more food than I should, and I barely drink any water. By week three, I have totally blown my diet and stopped exercising! This vicious cycle repeats itself. What is going on and how can I stay motivated past week one?!

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