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8/24/13 11:52 A

I will say- I've been injured moving back and got not one bit of caring from the bus driver that I was injured as a result of a self-centered passenger with his leg in the aisle tripping me as I moved back. That was not going to happen again so, once I moved as far back as I was comfortable safely moving back , My response to moving back further was going to remain an ABSOLUTE " NO".

Once I explained that, There was no further reason to demand that I move FURTHER back because my response was going to stay a "NO!" to that demand.

Sometimes, " No ": is a complete answer.!

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8/24/13 8:44 A

I wonder exactly when it was that certain people in this world decided that it was really all about them and abandoned the adage to treat others as they wish to be treated.

Hopefully you will not have another day like that for a long, long time.

8/24/13 7:15 A

Keep up the good fight!

For me, if someone talks to me like that most likely I have solicited that attitude on purpose because I deemed them responsible for my plight but that's not very often.

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8/24/13 12:55 A

Good for you. I always keep my mouth closed. I try to "fit" in. In your situation you did good. I'm learning to speak up for myself.

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8/24/13 12:33 A

emoticon it is hard to stand up to bullies, more people need to do it! wtg!

8/23/13 11:13 P

Thank you. Your kindness is most gracious.

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8/23/13 10:55 P

I am so sorry that you had to experience that. It is not right when people are so mean to each other. All I can say is I will pray for you and your safety from now on!!!!!! God bless you!!!!

8/23/13 10:50 P

What took me further further aback is that the uncouth man on the bus said " Man You sound Like A Homosexual ! " (He chose a less savory word ) when I challenged the language the he used to dismiss me and my explanation.

What do we gain by letting people think- defacto- that such ways of expressing themselves are acceptable?

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8/23/13 10:00 P

sorry you had such a hard time.
I think people have lost track of courtesy and civility in today's world.
They act like it's just a rat questions asked.

Hope you don't have to deal with that again

8/23/13 9:49 P

and Civility !

On Wednesday, August 14Th, I had quite enough of mealy- mouthedly accepting bad and offensive public and accepting vulgar and bullying rudeness as acceptable public address.

I boarded a Metro Bus, Part Of WMATA, The Greater Washington DC Bus and Train Authority. My Electronic Card has scanned just fine twice earlier that day. My card did not scan well that third time. I told the driver about my card working well on 2 previous buses. This got nothing but contempt and nastiness from this driver. " Don't tell me that. That ain't my problem, I do not want to hear it."

I have seen times when operators, in a similar circumstance,admitted that the problem MIGHT WELL be the equipment's and gave the rider the benefit of the doubt. " Don't tell me how to do my job" after a few more tries the Smartrip cared registered.

I was not willing to accept this operator's not helpful and hostile rudeness. I reminded her that she IS a " Public Servant" and that she is , in part ,Employed to serve the public in a way that pleases them. I later that Day reported this operator. Metro does not have an impressive record in responding to such protests/ and complaints.

A few hours later, I got on another Metrobus. This one was very crowded. We were asked to move further back multiple times by the operator.. In January of 2009, I was on a bus that was severely crowded, I fell over the outstretched legs of a fellow rider. I limped for close to two month after that. The person who tripped me was not bothered by my fall. The operator also did not want to be told about my injury.

Since then, I will not move back UNLESS I know it is safe to do so. A Younger man in front of me said, " Bro, You gotta move back." I told him that I was not going to do so and explained what happen." He glared at me and said " Move back" I shook my head " NO". " Man That is Your *****IN Problem. Move The **** Back.!"

I decided to make a stand at this point, " I will not move back and until you act like an intelligent and dignified person, You have nothing to say to me that I will take seriously!"

The Driver then said the fighting had to stop and as I refused to move back, I left the bus long before I reached my destination.

I do believe that one way you set limits and let people know where your boundaries are and that YOU WILL ENFORCE THEM is to make clear " This is not acceptable, This is what I will not cooperate with!"

I think top be honest, we'd have a better, more civil and less stressful society if people were forced to accept a simple principle, " If you decide to communicate in this manner, Expect to get ignore dismissed and rejected."

I strongly believe it is VITAL for societies to be maintained in a civil, polite and courteous manner..

This is not political correctness. This is simply a PLEA to accord all people couth, dignity and respect .

- Johnny Rodriguez - emoticon

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