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1/31/13 2:32 A

I think you have a good start, but you will want to add some more lean protein, fruits and veggies

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/31/13 12:18 A

you are on the right track. You need to eat more lean meats fruits and veggies.

1/30/13 8:06 P

As the others have said...look at your nutrition tracker. Are you within your SP calorie, protein, fat and carb ranges. Are you getting at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies daily. Getting at least 20 grams of fiber daily. From what you are sharing...I don't think so. If you make your nutrition tracker public, we can give more helpful tips. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

And...the Slim Fast Shake is fine to use as a meal replacement for breakfast. Add a piece of fruit to complete the meal. Protein shakes are "not appropriate" for meal replacements---for they do not contain the correct blend of carbs, fat and protein.

SP Dietitian Becky

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1/30/13 7:35 P

That basic description sounds like maybe about half of what someone seriously dieting should eat - so VERY low. Listen to your trackers.


- adding fruit to breakfast
- including mid-meal snacks
- adding a small handful of nuts/dried fruit/trail mix
- have solid food for lunch, especially if you've had a shake for breakfast. Oatmeal is a breakfast liquid-like food, not solid food. Your body needs whole vegies, whole fruits, meat, beans, fats, dairy.
- make sure your salads are varied and at least 3 cups of vegies per
- use oil dressings instead of mustard to flavour your salads (good oils are avocado and olive)
- drinking calories. A glass of milk and a glass of fruit juice daily.

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1/30/13 7:29 P

If your trackers say you're not eating enough, you need to listen.

It's important to adequately fuel your body. Eating less than recommended will not cause you to lose weight faster. Your body needs fuel, just like a car, and it can't run empty and expect great performance. Eating less than recommended can actually *hurt* you, and slow your metabolism, sabotaging your efforts and slowing or even stopping your healthy weight loss.

What do you mean by "toning" exercises? Toning is a marketing term, not one that means much in the fitness world, so you're going to be a bit more specific. I suspect you may be strength training, but ineffectively. IF you give us more detail (such as calorie amounts, what you're doing, etc) we can give you better guidance. As it stands, there's not enough here to help you.

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1/30/13 7:28 P

It is important to stay in your calorie range so your metabolism doesn't slow and you experience slowed or stagnant weight loss.

I'd recommend adding some between meal snacks to help boost your calorie intake.

The slimfast shakes tend to be very high in sugar and saturated fats. I'd try to avoid those. If you want to have a shake in the morning, try a protein shake. Other great breakfast ideas are oatmeal (not the instant sugary kind) and add your own fruit, nuts or nut butter, egg whites, seeds, spices, milk, soy milk or almond milk etc. If you can get (like) steel cut oats it's higher in cals, fibre and protein than quick oats. Or some low-fat plain Greek yogurt (higher in protein than reg. yogurt but reg. is fine too) with fresh fruit and low fat, low sugar granola. Even eggs and toast is fine. I make pancakes with oats, cottage cheese and egg whites that contain no flour, super low in cals and sugar and high in protein.

Lunch & Dinner- think a fresh protein (like chicken, turkey, fish/seafood), a complex carb (whole grain pasta, brown rice, legumes or lentils) and lots of veggies (a salad or steamed veggies). You can do the same for dinner. Wraps or sandwiches are fine too just try not to use lunch meat (fresh meat is better), lots of veggies and even some fruit and try to use a really grainy bread. Soups or stews can work, just aim for lower sodium and low saturated fat.

You can check out Sparkrecipes for some more ideas. It's under your Articles and Videos tab. You can also do I like I did when I was first starting out and check out long-time, successful member's nutrition trackers and see what kinds of foods they're eating. Just click their Sparkpage and if they have it open to the public you'll see it in the top left hand corner of their page.

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1/30/13 7:22 P

What is your calorie count for the day?

Based on what you listed, it doesn't sound like you're breaking 1,200 calories which is NOT going to be beneficial. Try incorporating lean meats and proteins more into your day. Have a snack of hummus or peanut butter with celery or a handful of nuts.

You are making smart choices as far as what you are already eating, but you just need to eat MORE of it! :)

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1/30/13 6:53 P

I'm just unsure that im doing this diet thing right lol... so a few opinions would be soo appreciated!
This is just a general view of my diet and exercise in a day.

Breakfast-I usually eat a serving of fiber one cereal, special k, or a slimfast drink
*I do one hour walking on my gazelle 3 sets of 30 sit ups, and a few toning exercises everyday after breakfast.

Lunch- I usually eat malt-omeal cereal or i mix rolled oats with water and fruit

Supper- a usual meal will start with a spinich or lettuce salad with boiled chicken covered in garlic and onions on a piece of wheat bread(like a sandwich) and i add 1 tsp mustard.

I know this is pretty genereal but i'm just curious if i'm somewhat on the right path to losing weight. My trackers tell me everyday i need to eat more calories but its very difficult to.

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